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Boston to NYC Movers
Boston to New York from $950
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Boston to New York Movers

As a part of our Interstate Moving Service

We are fully Licensed and Insured moving company from Boston. Our service includes a lot of experience in long-distance moves. We are always fully prepared and ready to go.  Each mover that works for our company has a huge will and responsibility. We offer a one-day delivery option if needed, but our typical process is as follows:

Movers from Boston to New York

  • - Our best movers from Boston to New York will pick up all of your belongings the day before the actual delivery and store them for a night in our truck on the secured parking lot.

  • - On the very next day, we will deliver between 7am - 9am, depending on your preference (and yes we start driving at night to avoid all the traffic).

From New York to Boston Moving

  • - We come to your place between 7am and 9am and our New York to Boston movers load all your belongings into the truck

  • - After loading our movers drive to the “Capital of Massachusetts” and unload everything in the same day (also depends on the size of the move).


  • Studio / 1 Bedroom
  • From $950
  • 2 Movers Crew
  • 1 Truck
  • Moving Materials
  • Gas / Tolls
  • Request
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • From $1200
  • 3 Movers Crew
  • 1 Truck
  • Moving Materials
  • Gas / Tolls
  • Request
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • From $1400
  • 4 Movers Crew
  • 1 Truck
  • Moving Materials
  • Gas / Tolls
  • Request
  • 4 Bedrooms +
  • From $1600
  • 5 Movers Crew
  • 2 Trucks
  • Moving Materials
  • Gas / Tolls
  • Request

Types of Payment

Credit Card (3% fee)



Our moving company follows a goal to improve service from the “Walking city” to “Empire state” because we understand this need. Our From New York to Boston movers being driving a lot across different states and we totally understand that NYC as a capital of the financial world and “Bean town” as one of the best places for study need a connection between each other. People are moving from both places, some of them even few times during their lives. As an improvement for Boston to New York moving service we try to save time and make it stress-free for our customers, that's why we start driving at night time to avoid all the traffic and take all responsibility for your belongings. Our company is fully licensed, insured and ready to provide COI upon request.

Our Flat Rate Price includes: Labor and Equipment, Travel, Floor protection, Tolls, Fuel Charge, Guaranteed Price, Delivery, Taxes, Wrapping and Protection of all Furniture. No additional fees.


"This company was consistent. They showed up on time, they did not charge extra for materials, and they were professional. The owner was transparent. Did not see any hidden fees when the moving job was completed. We finished according to schedule. I would definitely use them again, if we ever moved (Hopefully we won't.)"
"Moving is crazy stressful!!! Im glad i found this company! These guys came in time and moved my one bedroom from the 2nd floor to the 3rd in just few hours ( took longer cause i didnt have parking permits). All of my furniture were wrapped and carefully loaded and unloaded. Highlt recommend!"
NMarley R.
"I had an excellent experience with Born to Move Moving Company. The guys were on time, worked quickly, and were fun to be around. I recommend them highly."
Maria Steenland
licensed and insured
US DOT 2887241
MDPU 31826
MC 985934
358 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02115 (Storage)
739 Cambridge Str, Brighton, MA 02135 (Office)