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Moving & Packing Solutions in Boston, Ma

Packing is such a hassle especially for the household belongings. Packing is a very time consuming procedure and if you pack everything not in the right way it could lead to disaster later at unpacking. Packing as the main procedure of every relocation at one therefore locally or out of state, the only differences for long-distance move you have to pack more and dedicate a lot of time for this. Born to move packers and movers fully understand that packing is time consuming. We know how to properly pack your belongings that’s why we offer packing services in the Boston area.

When you are trying to find local packers and movers in the Boston area for your next relocation? Born to move moving and packing offer great packing solutions at great prices for your local or out of state moving or any other relocation. We want to make sure your items are organized and protected from any circumstances that can happen on the way to your new destination. Our moving process could be painful but not with the experienced movers. Movers are ready to provide professional moving and packing services.Boston’s packers and movers are highly trained and qualified to handle all of the packing process with extra care.

Packing and unpacking services

There’s a few reasons why you can choose Born to move packing services as your main packers and movers in Boston. First reason we offer packing and unpacking services. We fully know how to do packing just for you. When you decided to hire not amateurs but professional packers and unpackers you are getting best quality service for your most fragile stuff, if you need packing or unpacking services or you just looking to pack few extra pieces of furniture and you don’t have time to do so born to move movers are ready to help you. We are happy and glad to provide and pack as much as we can or help you pack your entire house for your local or interstate moving. And if you are wondering about the best packing solutions we are here as professional packing and moving are ready to provide the best service available for you in the Boston area.

When you moving on August 31 or September 1st or any of the hot days for the move and you need overnight storage. We are here at born to move ready to help you, we offer best overnight storage and we charge $200 per night. When you look into packing services as well we offer great packing solutions for you once your items are on the truck it will be locked during the whole night and we all leave our trucks on the secure parking lot in Boston.

Packing for commercial relocation

If you’re struggling how to relocate your office or do commercial moves. Our packing and creating specialist is available for you.There are a few things that business owners worry about which is money and time. Born to move packers and movers not going to waste your time. We will make the move is easy and is less time consuming as possible as well, we can also save the money with our hourly rates.
Boston’s movers and packers are professionally trained. Our employees have high skills for packing for your corporate or commercial moving project. We are here to illuminate your stress and if you’re looking to move after hours our moving company will be able to provide this packing/moving services.

If you’re ready to get a quote from Born to move. Best moving provider for your next moving project you can do this today get the quote or give us a phone call at 617-903-2609.
Our professional packing and moving team is ready to help you and answer any of your questions that you might have about packing and moving.
We are doing great jobs that’s why there are no other paking projects that cannot be done with Born to move best Boston packers and movers. We can pack dishes, fragile stuff, glasses and any other big equipment that you need to move with Boston movers have done this before even we can do creating for specific items of your move when you booking the move with our Moving team. You are be protected with our insurance. We will send dedicated professionals with the rates that are affordable. We know that every customer deserves positive feedback after each move. That’s what we do every day, that’s why we offer best relocation services as well as packing services in the Boston area. If you’re wondering about prices you can check our prices page or get the quote for your move online.

With our packing and unpacking services your belongings will receive full protection with our quality wrapping skills! We are ready to pack the whole house, if needed, or can simply finish the rest if you don’t have time. We also guarantee safe packing for fragile items, such as art, sculptures etc. Packing and unpacking is the hardest part of moving; It takes a lot of time and energy. We offer safe and fast packing services to make your move stress-free. The cost of our packing/unpacking services is the same as hourly rates plus moving supplies(moving boxes, tape, wrapping paper and etc…). If you want us to do packing/unpacking for you, please let us know well in advance so we can coordinate around other jobs.

Moving Boxes

Item Price
Small Box $3.00
Medium box $4.00
Large box $5.00
Dish Pack $7.00
Wardrobe box (with hanger) $12.00
Picture/Mirror box $6.00

Box Packages

If you are looking for packing services for moving you are in the right place! Our service includes box packages. In each package you will find differrent amount and different types of moving boxes. If you don’t have an idea how many of them you need this solution is for you!

Studio (p.1) Apartment Qty
Small boxes 10
Medium boxes 7
Large boxes 4
Dish pack 1
Packing Paper 10 lb 1
Tape 2
Price: $100
1 Bedroom (p.1) Apartment Qty
Small Boxes 13
Medium Boxes 10
Large Boxes 6
Dish Pack 2
Packing Paper 10 lb 2
Tape 2
Price: $150.00
2 Bedroom (p.3) Apartment Qty
Small Boxes 17
Medium Boxes 13
Large Boxes 8
Dish Pack 3
Packing Paper 25 lb 2
Tape 3
Price: $200.00
3 Bedroom (p.4) Apartment Qty
Small Boxes 25
Medium Boxes 16
Large Boxes 10
Dish Pack 4
Packing Paper 25 lb 2
Tape 4
Price: $250.00
3+ Bedroom (p.5) Apartment Qty
Small Boxes 30
Medium Boxes 20
Large Boxes 13
Dish Pack 5
Packing Paper 25 lb 2
Tape 6
Price: $300.00
2 Bedroom (p.6) House Qty
Small Boxes 40
Medium Boxes 30
Large Boxes 15
Dish Pack 6
Packing Paper 25 lb 2
Tape 8
Price: $400.00
3 Bedroom (p.7) House Qty
Small Boxes 50
Medium Boxes 40
Large Boxes 18
Dish Pack 7
Packing Paper 25 lb 3
Tape 10
Price: $500.00
4 Bedroom (p.8) House Qty
Small Boxes 60
Medium Boxes 50
Large Boxes 30
Dish Pack 10
Packing Paper 25 lb 4
Tape 12
Price: $600.00


Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Packers And Movers in Boston MA
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!

How much does does it cost to pack and move?

Packing and moving usually must be done in separate days to make sure your move goes smoothly. Born to Move charges the same rate for packing and moving.

What are Box packages?

We estimate the amount of boxes and other packing materials required for yuor move and sell them as a package.

Do you rent boxes?

We do not rent boxes for your packing.

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