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Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!
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Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.
  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Moving can be complicated, but with our dedicated moving team and additional services we can solve any moving problem
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Piano Moving
Our company is always ready to help you with Piano Moving.
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Parking Permits
We strictly recommend getting moving parking permits in Boston.
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Hoisting Services
Hand-hoisting should be attempted by a professional movers.
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Commercial Moving
Moving Offices can be really difficult, but not with our team.
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Hourly Rates
from $140/hr
from $190/hr
from $250/hr
Popular Long Distance Moving Destinations
from $1500/hr
from $4500/hr
from $1950/hr
Boston ⇄ Los Angeles
from $10000/hr
Boston ⇄ Miami
from $5500/hr
Boston ⇄ Washington, DC
from $3000/hr
Boston ⇄ N Carolina
from $4200/hr
Boston ⇄ Nashville
from $4800/hr
Born to Move Moving Company is a great solution for any Moving needs you may have. We are Fully Licensed Moving Company and provide with Local and Long Distance Moving Services, Moving Packing Service, Packing Supplies, Storage, and more.
Born to move Boston movers provide you a great customer service that was approved by hundreds of customers , please check out testimonials online.
We have been one of the most most efficient moving companies in Boston Metro area since 2015 and established good relations with thousand of customers.
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Let us help you prepare for a smooth and successful move.

How much do moving service cost in Boston?

Price for Moving in Boston depends on the season time, starting $140/h for 2 movers and a truck for out of season time.

Can two men and a truck move safely my apartment?

Depending on your moving size professional, Born To Move, moving company will provide you with enough movers to make your move safely.

Where to get moving boxes in Boston?

Born to Move Boston Moving Company will provide you with boxes. Find more info on packing page

Relocation within and outside Boston is always stressful. It’s especially unpleasant when you have to face things like disassembling, wrapping, and packing your belongings and furniture on your own. It’s always better to contact our moving company, Born to Move.

As movers in Boston, we provide moving help for people who want to save time and nerves. When you book our movers in Boston, they will show you that experience, dependability, and commitment are among our primary characteristics. There are other moving companies in Boston, but we provide solutions with the utmost precision that most other movers just can’t match.

Why Choose Our Movers?

At Born to Move, we specialize in transporting belongings over short and long distances at competitive rates. We ensure our customers get the ultimate satisfaction when they employ our movers in Boston. Here are some of the numerous benefits of getting moving help from the Born to Move company.

Boston Moving: Fast Delivery

We deliver our customer’s belongings as fast as possible anywhere within or outside Boston. Our movers know the best routes and how to overcome the challenges they may encounter along the way, e.g., traffic. Born to Move guarantees that your belongings will be delivered to the destination point on time.

Customers Feedback on Our Movers in Boston

The expertise of our movers is confirmed by various categories of people and companies, including households, students, and offices, among others. This is a result of the trust they have in us to render smooth moving help with:

  • Detailed insurance options
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Affordable flat fee pricing

Affordable Prices for Our Movers

Most people in Boston want to minimize costs and, at the same time, get comprehensive services. The Born to Move company offers affordable rates and gives discounts on some occasions and situations.

With Born to Move, the cost of transportation is less than what other Boston moving enterprises charge as you pay hourly. Our moving company has different pricing rates depending on your choice of moving help or needs, and the season you move in. We will give you the best rates for moving from Boston to any other place. You can find our pricing policy details here.

Note that we do not charge our customers extra fees for gas, tolls, packing materials, or miles the cost of these is already included in the quotes we provide. We always agree on the final estimate. So, our clients can rest assured that they won’t end up overpaying for our movers’ services.

Moving Insurance and Licenses

The Born to Move company holds USDOT and FMCSA licenses. This guarantees that our Boston movers company can operate legally within the country. In case of an incident involving physical damage to your property, our movers have liability insurance to cover it. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that your possessions will not have any physical defects when our movers transport them from Boston. Our skilled and experienced movers will handle them with utmost precision and care.

Full-Service Boston Moving

Our movers don’t just transport your belongings from one point to another. They disassemble your large pieces of furniture, carefully wrap each item, load your belongings into the truck, and hit the road. Upon arrival, they won’t leave you without moving help. Our movers will unload the truck, unpack the boxes, unwrap every single item, and reassemble large pieces of furniture.

We will discuss your requirements and agree on the right Boston movers services for you. If you’d like to take responsibility for wrapping your items, for example, let us know. We will adapt to the circumstances and take all your wishes into account.

The Wide Range of Services Our Movers Provide

Our Boston movers company services are not bound to local and interstate moving alone. There are other services our movers offer in Boston, and they include:

  • Storage
  • Hoisting
  • Packing

Boston Storage

Apart from moving, our movers also support our customers with temporary or long-term storage of belongings. This helps you store your possessions in our well-equipped and safe warehouse. Our movers will deliver everything back when needed, all at a minimal cost.

Hoisting in Boston

The good state of your properties is paramount to us, so we offer hand-hoisting, which is carried out by our professional movers in Boston. For instance, when an item does not fit through the door, our movers bring it in through a window or the balcony. This process involves hand hoisting, which our company provides at affordable rates in Boston.

Packing and Unpacking Before Moving in Boston

At Born to Move, we have Boston professional movers to pack your belongings and get them ready to be moved. Our movers carefully handle each item, and you can rest assured that your belongings are unlikely to break or get damaged.

Pricing Policy

It will be very easy for you to manage your finances and budget effectively if you know the movers’ cost before transporting within or from Boston and plan the time of your relocation carefully. For example, the moving cost for a one-bedroom apartment is $160-200 an hour. But it’ll be much cheaper if you decide to move home during a low season: in the winter time you pay only $99-140 an hour for the same one-bedroom apartment.

Our high season lasts from the end of April to September 1. Starting from September 15 and till the end of April our hourly rates are 20% less. You can get an idea of the average cost of your move from the table below:

Size of Move Summer Rates Winter Rates Hourly Rates
Studio Apartment $300-500 $240-400 $140 per hour for 2 guys
1-bedroom Apartment $500-1000 $400-800 $140 per hour for 2 guys
2-bedroom Apartment $1000-1800 $800-1440 $190 per hour for 3 guys
3-bedroom Apartment $2500-5000 $2000-4000 $240 per hour for 4 guys

If you’d like to feel more secure moving your household items, you can also buy insurance coverage from us. Contact the Born to Move office online or on-site to get a detailed estimate of the insurance premium to be paid.

Get Free Estimates for Moving from Boston

To start with, we evaluate our customer’s belongings either by video or by coming to visit in person. We also give a quote for the cost of transportation a day before the relocation from Boston.

You can also get an estimate online by visiting our moving company’s website. Enter the date you would like our movers to move your items, the address where you are taking them from and where you are taking them to, the moving service you want to employ, and the extras that will be required to ascertain your estimated quote. We will provide you with the best rates in Boston.

Final Note About Our Company

Anytime you are looking to relocate from Boston or within Boston, the movers at Born to Move are your best bet. Our organization renders moving services, including full-service within Boston and interstate, for our customers. Our movers will deliver your items as soon as possible, right to your destination.

We always offer affordable rates for our help. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right now!

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