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How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving companyAfter hours moving with Commercial movers in Boston

If you’re a business owner and looking to relocate your office. Please look no further than Born To Move commercial movers in Boston. We are able to relocate your office as well as any commercial space in Massachusetts or out of state. Our moving company will provide you with a moving plan on how we can relocate your commercial space. We can also move your office after hours after 5 or 6 PM. After your working day is over, Commercial movers can start working for you by setting up everything on the same day. We will provide your individual plan for your commercial storage or any commercial relocations that require after-hours moving. If you are wondering what would be the cost of after-hours moves, it will be the same as regular moving during the day.

Office equipment moving

When you need to move office equipment that is heavy or machinery, moving is No problem. Born To Move office movers can handle that without any problem. Our office movers will have all of the equipment needed to relocate you. We have industrial equipment to move or any other type of equipment that require extra protection. Commercial movers in Boston are coming prepared and will be safely securing your stuff not only inside the truck but while we are moving to your office. Check our moving reviews here.
Not all moving commercial moving companies in Boston has such great reviews!

If you need to move to a warehouse, our guys can handle this type of job as well as any moving job in Massachusetts. When you do a commercial relocation, we can also accomplish commercial moving for you. The cost will be based on the amount of stuff that we need to move, but the price will also depend on the hours that we need to work. Plus, a space that your company will require us to rent for your stuff or if you have a space that will be even easier.

How much does it cost to move to an office in Boston?

The answer depends on the amount of furniture you have, and what type of office that we will be moving to. It also depends on the number of commercial movers that we need to send to your site. There are different varieties of factors that will require special skills, such: as experienced office movers, special equipment, etc. All estimates for commercial jobs can be done online or onsite. Office movers are most likely to come to you to give you an estimate in person. Please contact our professional commercial moving company in Boston, and the Born to Move commercial moving company will be able to provide you with a free estimate for your commercial relocation in the State of Massachusetts or interstate. If you decide to relocate your office out of state or out of the country, we are also able to help you with a hard task like commercial moving.

Boston Office MoversHow to move a piano without hiring a piano moving company

Born to Move understand all the difficulties in planning your business office move and that time is money. Our process is really simple and quick. We prefer to provide a visual estimate to prepare all equipment we would need and decide about the optimal moving crew size and amount of trucks to make this move smooth and quick. Doesn’t matter the size of the move. We will make sure it will be done in the shortest possible time to make sure your business keeps growing.

We provide rental plastic boxes for your convenience if you need to make your commercial move hustle free.

Movers will bring rental crates for your team and you can pack all electronics and computer items in advance.
Don’t hesitate to contact us about the rental crate option to reduce waste from moving.

Moving Company Commercial Insurance

In all 50 states moving company required to carry cargo insurance. Released Value Protection is the most economical option because it doesn’t cost anything. It is offered by movers at no additional charge, but the protection is minimal. Under this option, the mover is responsible for no more than 0.60 cents per pound per article. For example, if your mover lost or damaged a 70-inch TV weighing 35 pounds, you would only receive $20 (60 cents x 35 pounds). If you need the full value of your items to be covered, please consult with our manager  Born to Move always got your back. Call our manager today!

Boston Commercial Moving and Storage Services

Boston Commercial Moving and Storage Services cater to the greater Boston area. We maintain excellent customer service throughout our moving process from start to finish. You will have a moving organizer who will assist you at any step of your moving journey. We serve all types of businesses and provide storage for offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and non-profit organizations, institutions, and educational centers. Our representatives are able to answer any questions regarding commercial moving and relocation in Boston. We are available to answer all of your questions about commercial moves in Boston and also help you by providing a receipt after we complete your business relocation.

Schedule Your Commercial Moving Estimate

If you are moving with Born To Move, you are more than welcome to schedule an estimator who will come to your office and review exactly what needs to be moved. We aim to accomplish your commercial move in the most efficient and quickest way possible, with no downtime. We know how hard you work to accomplish your commercial moving tasks. That’s why we provide a super moving service worth trying. We only employ skilled and professional commercial movers who provide an accurate moving estimate for your business needs. We are available for on-site visits from 9 AM until 7 PM, seven days a week. If you need us to come after 7 PM, just let us know what time works best for you for your commercial moving estimate.

Personal Assistance

If you choose Born To Move, you will receive personal moving assistance who will coordinate your moves from start to finish. This is especially important for all commercial moving relocations. We also provide the most experienced foreman who has worked on thousands of commercial relocation jobs and will be able to help you keep track of the moving process.

Commercial Packing and Furniture Disassembling

Born To Move provides packing materials for your commercial move as well as bin boxes, commercial moving equipment, plastic wrap, and tools to move your cubicles, conference tables, file cabinets, and other types of office furniture. Our commercial moving services will minimize delays and interruptions in the job so that you, as a boss, and your employees can return to work normal hours as quickly as possible.

Tracking Your Belongings

We have GPS in all of our trucks, and we provide barcode labeling for every box that we are picking up, or you will be packing. It’s not necessary, but if preferred, we can also do box counting and barcoding. If you move out of state, our commercial interstate moving company can provide a tracking number for every single box. All you have to do is let your moving estimator know that you need a barcode system for your boxes and furniture, and we can provide a detailed list of items that need to be labeled and a detailed box count too for your move.

Unpacking and Reassembling

Our commercial moving company is happy to provide unpacking services for your boxes or our plastic crates. Furniture assembly services are already included in the hourly rate that we provide for commercial transportation. Once we get to your new business location, we will unpack your boxes or furniture from shrink wrap or packing paper. If a difficult disassembly is required, we will bring a handyman to do the complex assembly job.


Commercial Local Moving company in Boston

A business moving within the greater metro Boston area requires a certain amount of skills and experience in relocating commercial property. This task is not for every commercial moving company in Boston, especially if you want to hire a professional moving company. Born To Move does provide commercial movers and storage if needed, and we are one of the top commercial movers in Boston.

Commercial Long-Distance Moving

Moving your company to a different state? Let us help you with your moving needs. We assist businesses on a regular basis, especially if you are a business owner or manager and have decided to move out of Boston. You can get cross-country commercial movers to help you, whether it’s a small shop or a huge corporation. Born To Move is able to assist you and explain all of the nuances of commercial long-distance moving. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded by the state of Massachusetts and federally.

Commercial Storage

Do you need commercial moving space? Our moving company has a warehouse that is 6,000 square feet and can fit a lot of things, especially when you need commercial moving and storage in Boston. That’s why, along with exceptional relocation services, we provide storage solutions for your commercial needs. We have all the documents necessary to rent space for up to a year if you need your commercial moving space within the greater Boston area, and you have full access 24/7 to your belongings. If you would like to get more information regarding commercial storage in Boston, let your move coordinator know.

Moving IT Equipment

Are you moving servers from one place to another? When we relocate IT equipment such as servers, computers, monitors, workstations, and data centers, you need a highly trained commercial moving crew who will typically be supervised by our manager. This type of move can be highly disruptive and dangerous. That’s why we provide the most experienced movers with the equipment necessary to move your IT data center, and the center will be protected by our insurance while you can stay focused on work or stay with us during your move to transport your belongings with the experience necessary for your IT moving in Boston.

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