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How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving company

Why move to New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with a diverse population, and if you live not far from Boston and want to save money on housing, especially if you have a job in Massachusetts and you decided that you want to live without sales tax, it would be a great deal to move to New Hampshire. if you decide to do so, you start researching for New Hampshire Movers, and Born To Move is one of the best moving companies in New Hampshire; do you know why we’re the best?

Cheap movers 

Because we do not charge a lot, we charge $130 per hour for two movers and the truck, $190 per hour for three movers and $250 for 4 Movers. 

All of our moving prices will include professional movers who have been working in the industry for at least six months. Also, we will include clean trucks and blankets, shrink wrap, bin boxes, and tape. This is all that’s included in the rate that we will deliver to our customers in New Hampshire.

How can I get a quote from New Hampshire movers?

The process is very simple. You can either give us a call or register on our website, and our moving coordinator will give you a call. After you speak with the manager, you will have to provide an inventory of your current house to see how many movers we need to provide for your specific move. We usually start with two movers for small moves and go up to 4 movers for large moves.

We sent two movers for the studio or one-bedroom apartment. Three movers for a bedroom apartment or small three-bedroom house.

In rare cases, we send 5 movers for large four-bedroom or five-bedroom houses; it will vary on your inventory.


New Hampshire storage is cheap compared to other locations, and if you need to store some things, you can store as little as $40 for a studio apartment. Most likely, you need storage if you buy the house or sell in the house. That’s why for two or three-bedroom houses, we provide a storage solution as low as $200 -$300 per month. The storage will be climate-controlled. We can also accommodate any other moves to or from storage.


How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving companyLong distance movers

Every move that is over 150 miles is considered a long distance, and if this is your case, you will be qualified to get a flat rate for your move. On average, New Hampshire Movers will charge you five dollars per mile if you move out of the state of New Hampshire and up to $7 per mile if you move in the busiest region of the country, which is considered the East Coast. We carefully provide route planning before we go into any long-distance jobs; not every New Hampshire mover will do the same as Born To Move. That’s why we are trying to find only the best solution for your relocation.

Local Movers,

It’s very easy to find a local in New Hampshire because of the demand. New Hampshire has probably the lowest demand in New England, in my opinion, because people live there with families, and not a lot of people are moving out or moving in in the state of New Hampshire. But if, for some reason, you have to find a moving company in New Hampshire, our best movers will do a decent job of relocating you to the state of New Hampshire. For local moves, we charge an hourly rate starting from $140 per hour for two Movers and a Truck. If you need to move a 3 to 4-bedroom house, we can send three guys, and we charge $190 per hour for three movers, including the truck.

How can I book the movers in New Hampshire?

The process is super simple.

You have to give us a call or regional website, and our moving coordinator will give you a call. When you’re on the phone with the representative, we ask you to provide inventory, such as the amount of big furniture in every room plus the number of boxes, so please be ready to provide this information.

After you receive the quote, which will be based on the list of items, you can decide for yourself if you would like to hire a moving company in New Hampshire or if you’re not and you want to do this on your own. 

Finding cheap movers in New Hampshire is not an easy task, but Born To Move is able to provide the best rates in New Hampshire.


How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving companyPacking and unpacking

If you want us to come to your place and pack the boxes in the packet at the destination, we can accommodate your desire. You just have to let us know so we can bring boxes for your packing. This is how it works. Packing will be based on the hourly rate, which for two movers is $140 per hour, plus the boxes, or you can also provide your own boxes to put the stuff inside. The boxes will pack them and will fit nicely in the truck. It’s the same packing that you do, but it will be done professionally with the movers. Unpacking will be the same: we unpack the boxes, take all that’s inside the box, put it on the table, and move it to whichever room you desire.

Commercial movers

If you need commercial movers in New Hampshire, you must move an office or a warehouse. Our moving company is able to provide you with a relatively cheap quote and work after hours and on your demand if you need the movers on weekdays after hours at night; we always like to satisfy our customer requests. We might as well provide temporary storage for you and your move. Most trucks have liftgates, which are perfect for commercial moves and ramps. Our crew is experienced and knows what to do.

Moving within New Hampshire doesn’t have to be complicated or exhausting. That’s why we provide a moving plan for each and every customer, and we specifically explain what to do and what not to do. Most of the time, customers know that they have to pack on stuff in order to save money because we don’t want you to overpay for your move. We want you to be happy after you move with us, and most of the customers are you can check out online reviews and see for yourself that we provide great moving services in the state of New Hampshire.

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At your request we provide
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  • Packing

  • Storage

  • Hoisting

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What is Travel Time for Movers?

Travel time is the cost to get to your place and back to our parking lot. Travel time is based on an hourly rate. We DO NOT charge for traffic. Travel time is fixed.

How Much Travel Time Cost?

The travel time cost is based on hourly rate.

Do we Charge Additionally for Stairs?

We do not charge an additional cost for stairs.

What does our Hourly Rate include?

Hourly rate Including everything, no additional charges.

What kind of payments do we accept?

We can accept credit cards; however, we charge 3% extra if you pay with a credit or debit card.

Do I Need to empty all my drawers?

Yes, Please empty them; it’s crucial for us; please do that.

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