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Moving will always be a huge decision because there are just so many places to choose from. But if you love skiing, the great outdoors, and a low cost of living, moving to Vermont may just be for you. The next step will be figuring out the details of your relocation.

Whether you’re moving to or from Vermont, we recommend using a Vermont moving company to assist you with all the heavy lifting. Learn more about how our movers and equipment can benefit you when moving to or from any point in Vermont.

Professional Vermont Movers from a Reliable Company

Many companies overpromise and underdeliver. And when the success of your moving largely relies on what happens in just one day, you’re better off investing in movers from a reputable and trusted company like Born to Move.

If you’ve read the reviews for any of our services, you’ll know just how consistent we are in keeping our customers satisfied. That’s what you get when hiring our Vermont movers. We make this possible through:

Vermont Movers with Skills and Experience

Our movers have been in the moving industry for years, so we’re confident that they won’t accidentally damage anything. However, we don’t just rely on their natural talent to give you an excellent experience. Born to Move also sets the conditions to minimize the odds of anything going wrong.

Apart from providing our movers with top-notch equipment to make your Vermont relocation easier, we also trained them in a system we designed to prevent damage and maximize efficiency. This includes:

  • Furniture disassembly
  • Wrapping furniture parts
  • Loading/unloading furniture parts, boxes, and other items into/from the moving truck
  • Unwrapping furniture parts
  • Furniture reassembly

Professional Communication Before, During, and After Relocating to Vermont

Even before our movers get to your place to help with relocation, we’re already working on preparing everything for the big day. And to do this, our company representatives may get in touch with you to get more details.

During the relocation process to, from, or within Vermont, you can ask our professional movers anything, so you feel more at ease while they get the job done. Should you have concerns after any moving service delivery, we’ll make sure to respond to you just as quickly as we did before you booked us.

Company Transparency

We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of every great relationship, so rest assured that our movers won’t keep you in the dark. Based on your budget estimate for relocation, we will recommend how we believe you can best use it for moving. Our representatives will never recommend a service that won’t make things easier for you.

As always, you can trust us only give you accurate information about the various aspects of moving. Even those who aren’t hiring our movers can check out free info on our blog posts.

Vermont Moving Services: What Do Our Movers Offer?

Having been in the industry for years, we know that every moving job is unique. And to cater to the evolving needs of our customers, our company, and more specifically, our movers, offer a lot of services related to Vermont relocation. These include:

  • Local Moving. For relocation that only involves two places in Vermont, our local movers will take the quickest routes to get you to your new place ASAP;
  • Interstate Moving. Our experienced long-distance movers can deal with issues unique to long-distance moves, like prolonged storage and weather changes;
  • International Moving. For international relocation, our movers can assist you even if you need a whole container for yourself!
  • Commercial Moving. Our top Vermont movers will schedule moving your office outside the operating hours, ensuring minimal to zero downtime;
  • Full-Service Packing. If you don’t have time to pack, our movers can take care of everything from selecting the necessary materials to ensuring that each box is packed efficiently;
  • Furniture Moving. Especially for bulky furniture, you can trust our experienced Vermont movers to know how to operate specialized equipment. This allows us to complete furniture relocation jobs no matter the distance!
  • Moving and Storage. Our movers can take your stuff to one of our temperature and humidity-controlled storage units until your new Vermont abode is ready. This can be combined with full-service packing as well.

If you need any additional assistance from our Vermont movers, please let us know in advance. We want to make sure we dedicate enough time and resources to any service that you get from us.

Prices That You Can Afford

At this point, you’ve probably already dropped a lot of money on your new place. We understand that relocating already entails a lot of expenses. That’s why we ensure that the prices we set are fair to you and our hardworking Vermont movers. And despite our low prices, we guarantee never to compromise service delivery.

If you’re just moving within Vermont, we charge an hourly rate. The clock starts once we get to your place and ends when our movers drop off everything at your new place. Meanwhile, long-distance moving is assigned a fixed rate instead. In both cases, the following are already included in the total price:

  • Fuel charges
  • Toll
  • Miles
  • Moving truck
  • Labor of movers
  • Floor protection
  • Basic equipment
  • Wrapping paper

Our goal is to make it easier for you to assess how much you’ll need for the entire relocation. If required, our movers can also bring packing materials. Please let us know in advance so we can prepare some for the move.

If you’re looking to keep costs down, please schedule your Vermont move during our low season. From September 15 to the end of April, we slash 20% off our usual rates. So, if you’re moving from Burlington to Manchester in January, our minimum hourly rate of $120 would only be $96. Meanwhile, a long-distance move costing $5,000 in August would only be $4,000 in October.

A Relocation Service That’s Fully Insured

Born to Move is a fully-licensed and fully-insured moving company. This guarantees that should anything happen to your stuff while moving to or from Vermont, you will be compensated for the damages.

If you want to feel safer while our movers take your belongings to their intended destination, you can also purchase additional coverage from us. For $30,000 coverage and a zero deductible, rates start at $225 for local moving and $270 for long-distance moving. Your quote will depend on the distance, the value of household items, and other factors. Please contact us for your customized estimate if you’re interested.

Moving to Vermont? We’ll Pick Your Stuff Up Wherever You Are!

Born to Move doesn’t just help people who are coming from major areas. No matter how remote the area that you’re coming from, rest assured that our Vermont movers will still deliver top-notch service.

More than maintaining our long streak of glowing reviews on various platforms, our company is dedicated to giving our clients only the best. That’s why we limit the number of bookings that our Vermont movers are assigned to per day. And because of the great demand for our services, especially during the high season, we may not have the resources to accommodate all booking requests in Vermont.

So, book now while our movers are still available! Once you’ve set the date, call us right away at (617) 903-2609 for a free cost estimate.

Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Delicate handling
of your belongings

By choosing Born to Move moving services you can be sure of

  • Clean stocked moving trucks

  • Safe loading & unloading

  • Efficient movers


Fast and well-coordinated work of professional movers will benefit you by

  • Dissembly & reassembly

  • Logistics to avoid traffic

  • Competitive rates

Hassle Free

Born to Move movers will handle all the details making your move smooth

  • Years of Experience

  • Certified and Insured

  • Live GPS Tracking


At your request we provide additional services to make your move even easier

  • Packing

  • Storage

  • Hoisting

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