Advices from movers

What is Travel Time for Movers?

Travel time is the cost to get to your place and back to our parking lot. Travel time is based on an hourly rate. We DO NOT charge for traffic. Travel time is fixed.

How Much do Movers cost From Boston to NYC?

It depends on the amount of stuff you are moving; our rates start at $1,400 if you move a room or less from Boston to NYC.

Do we Charge Additionally for Packing supplies?

Yes, we charge for packing supplies such as tape, shrink wrap, and plastic bags for mattresses. We do charge for boxes as well.

How Much Travel Time Cost?

The travel time cost is based on hourly rate.

Do we Charge Additionally for Stairs?

We do not charge an additional cost for stairs.

What does our Hourly Rate include?

Hourly rate Including everything, no additional charges.

What kind of payments do we accept?

We can accept credit cards; however, we charge 3% extra if you pay with a credit or debit card.


Customers are responsible for truck parking or any parking tickets.

Do I Need to empty all my drawers?

Yes, Please empty them; it’s crucial for us; please do that.

How do guys move a TV and is it going to be safe?

When we move a TV, movers wrap the TV with moving blankets and then put your tv in a special box in the truck.

Where Parking lot located?

Our parking lot is located in Newton, MA 02458

Overnight Storage

We can store your items overnight; we charge $250 per night for overnight storage. Overnight storage is limited to up to 4 nights.

How does disposal work?

We charge 50$ per item.

Will you be able to disassemble the bed?

Yes, we can disassemble your bed and put it back together in the new place; we have all the necessary tools.

Are you going to wrap all my furniture?

Yes, we will wrap every single piece of your furniture with moving blankets.

How does the afternoon start time work?

We will usually come to your place between the time slot you assign; our manager usually gives a time frame between 1:00-3:00 PM.

Minimum hours charge policy

Our company follows minimum hours charge policy which is 3 hours.
We never charge less than 3 hours.