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Moving to a new place is fun and exciting. However when you think about the whole process involved with interstate moving, well, the fun element gets replaced with worry. Whether it is long distance moving service or one is moving up the street, one has to take help of the moving company.

There are a lot of state to state moving companies that are ‘less reputable’ than the others. These are cheap long distance movers. What these companies do is they talk to you over the phone and give you a quote based on whatever items would be moved. They do not personally come to your place to see the stuff and give you an estimate. In the first encounter, these might seem very lucrative because they offer you the cheapest rates in the market. But as the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold” applies in this case. Our Long Distance moving service contains a visual estimate. We never will book you if we don’t take a look at your staff, this is a rule!

If you do some thorough research on these ‘less reputable’ out of state moving companies, you will get to know a different story. You will find that phone-only estimates include several hidden charges. A moving cross country company will give you an estimate based on the items weight and the total distance to be traveled. The inventory list given on the phone will invariably be incomplete and so, when the actual loading happens, they will include several other additional charges that can be much higher than the earlier estimated budget. Worse, you might find that there is not enough space on the truck on the actual day of moving.

Our moving company with our interstate moving service is the one that personally visit you, check your stuff and then give you an estimate. Born to Move moving company will give you 3 options to choose from: self-pack, partial pack and full pack. The rates will vary accordingly. Also we can provide you with storage facility if needed.


"This company was consistent. They showed up on time, they did not charge extra for materials, and they were professional. The owner was transparent. Did not see any hidden fees when the moving job was completed. We finished according to schedule. I would definitely use them again, if we ever moved (Hopefully we won't.)"
"Moving is crazy stressful!!! Im glad i found this company! These guys came in time and moved my one bedroom from the 2nd floor to the 3rd in just few hours ( took longer cause i didnt have parking permits). All of my furniture were wrapped and carefully loaded and unloaded. Highlt recommend!"
NMarley R.
"I had an excellent experience with Born to Move Moving Company. The guys were on time, worked quickly, and were fun to be around. I recommend them highly."
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