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All you need to know when you are trying to hire piano movers in Boston. If you are looking to hire a piano with movers you can take a look at the movers perspective when you need to move approximate weights between 500 to 800 pounds.There are different types of piano suches as grand piano upright piano and baby grand piano. All of the different sizes and different weights nevertheless it’s the very heavy piece of furniture that you need to move that’s why we’re here at Born To Move professional piano movers in Boston are able to relocate your piano anywhere locally or out of state.
Our Piano Service includes:

  • Moving of upright, console and grand pianos
  • Using special Piano boards
  • Careful packing with blankets
  • Using moving straps
  • And our professional care

Boston piano moving company

When you’re looking to hire a piano movers just need to see if they’ve done this type of piano moving job in the past. Born To Move piano movers have done it many times before. When you think about experience in a piano moving, we have also been doing this for 6 years. Our guys will bring professional piano equipment such as a piano board dollies blankets shrinkwrap to fully protect this priceless piece of equipment.

Moving the grand piano from the first floor with no stairs to the third-floor with the stairs

It’s so much easier to move a piano from a ground floor to the ground lever but it’s not always the case that piano movers in Boston are highly trained to not only bring and relocate your piano in an easy way. Piano movers can also move your piano upstairs up to the third-floor. We charge an additional $240 per flight of stairs to move your piano. It’s not an easy task to move the piano upstairs or downstairs; it will require a team of 4 professional piano movers. Will need to bring straps, dolls and everything to make it smooth and safe piano moving.

What to do if my piano will not fit up the stairs?

In this case we will require a special crane that we will provide you as an additional service of $700 for 2 hours, but it’s still manageable. If you decide to move your piano up to the fifth floor we can definitely help you with that and you can rely on us when you need professional piano movers in Boston.

How much does it cost to move a piano?

Born to Move piano movers charging for $480 piano fee to move your piano. Also there is a 4 guy crew required that will come as an additional cost per hour. Piano movers in Boston charge $280 per hour for 4 guys, we have a three hours minimum charge policy. Also the answer depends on the piano type and weight, and if there are any stairs that we need to climb. Every price will be given up individually after we review the type of entrance and the type of piano that we need to move but no worries piano movers in Boston can handle that.

Before piano moving, movers have to know what type of entrance you have, are there any stairs, and how long is a walkway. We need to take care of this beforehand. Born to Move Moving company needs to know as well if your piano is going out of state or locally or inside your apartment the price will vary depending on that circumstances.

When you hire piano movers in Boston please make sure that the moving company who will be handling your piano knows what they do. Do not hire movers without the knowledge of moving such a heavy instrument. Also moving companies will require an additional insurance for that type of piano moving service, please contact Born To Move piano movers and you will receive a quote online through the phone or in person and it’s completely free of charge for you. Call 617-903-2609 for piano moving estimates.


Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Piano Movers Boston
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