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Piano Moving

Piano is undoubtedly a great music instrument that brings to this world beautiful sounds. But when it comes to moving it has a little flaw. Piano weight comes from its cast iron harp that holds the strings. Small pianos weigh 300 to  400 lbs. Big run from 500 to 800 lbs. Our company is always ready to help your with it. For such solid job we charge piano fee 120$ and require 3 guys minimum.

Our  Piano Service includes:

  • Moving of upright, console and grand pianos
  • Using special Piano boards
  • Careful packing with blankets
  • Using moving straps
  • And our professional care

Parking Permits

One of the main problems in moving is parking. Tracks usually take at least 2 parking slots and if you live in the place where you don’t have loading dock u definitely have to think about getting parking permit. It gives us a guaranteed perfect place for moving and saves you time.

We strictly recommend getting moving parking permits in Boston areas such as (North end, Charlestown and Back Bay) Also if you are living on one way street and there is parking on both sides of the street. You definitely have to get a parking permits. Because if you are not going to do this your estimated time will be wrong. Because movers have to park the truck in any available spot closest to the apartment.

Also customers responsible for any parking tickets (if you are not purchasing moving permit from city hall) Don’t forget that your moving date is at least 2 weeks from today, and no more than
one month away.

We can take care about parking permits purchasing them but we charge additional amount money for this service.Or you can do it by yourself apply for permits below.  

Apply here: Boston, Cambridge

Hoisting Services

Hand-hoisting is a delicate procedure that requires training and should be attempted by a professional movers. When your item doesn’t fit into the door space, it can be brought in or out through a window or over a balcony. Usually it requires 3 movers to safely conduct hoisting.

We also charge additional amount for this process.(30$ for flight of stairs) Because it’s requires additional stretch, power and also 3 movers for safe process. Moving and hoisting services in Boston we know A lot about it. If you couch didn’t fit into you new apartment we can help you.

We also can take apart your window to make it through. This process is easy and can make accomplish with Boston moving company such as Born to Move.


"This company was consistent. They showed up on time, they did not charge extra for materials, and they were professional. The owner was transparent. Did not see any hidden fees when the moving job was completed. We finished according to schedule. I would definitely use them again, if we ever moved (Hopefully we won't.)"
"Moving is crazy stressful!!! Im glad i found this company! These guys came in time and moved my one bedroom from the 2nd floor to the 3rd in just few hours ( took longer cause i didnt have parking permits). All of my furniture were wrapped and carefully loaded and unloaded. Highlt recommend!"
NMarley R.
"I had an excellent experience with Born to Move Moving Company. The guys were on time, worked quickly, and were fun to be around. I recommend them highly."
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