5 Things You Need to Check Before the Move

1. Explore, explore, explore

First and foremost you would like to test the waters and see all there is to be seen. When you have a clear idea of what the area you chose has to offer you can easily make your decision. But you need to be careful and patient! Sniff around the neighborhood first; if you like coffee, look if there are some nice coffee shops, or if you have a dog search for a place that has a park somewhere near, or a path walk next to the water. This will be a place that you will look through the window every morning, let it be worth the view!

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2. Don’t be afraid to ask

Okay, let’s say you have finally decided on your apartment – you like the area, the whole complex, even the neighbors seem nice, and most importantly the apartment looks phenomenal! Just as you wished. Let’s not get our hopes up too high shall we. Your next step is to ask the new landlord everything – and I mean: everything! Whether you can paint the walls, or have a cat, or have guests every now and then; If you are a smoker, can you smoke in the apartment.

Can you repaint your wardrobe or drill a wall so you can put a picture, were there any insect infestations etc. You need to be boringly inquisitive in order to really figure out what is prohibited and what is approved so you can decide if those are the conditions you are okay with.

3. Check whether you’ve met all the requirements in the lease of your former landlord

You wouldn’t want to leave without closing that door of your life with a guilt-free feeling. There is no better thing than leaving something completely in the past without a need to go back to it. Ever. So, if you want a new life, start it with a clean slate: end it with your landlord on a good note, pack up your bags and enjoy the ride.

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4. Put extra effort into packing smartly

Everything is sorted; you just need to pack and move out. You wouldn’t want to rush this part, trust me. Pack your stuff appropriately, with extra care!

You wouldn’t like to move into the new place just to realize you now have a half of a cup for tea and a broken computer screen. Pack everything accordingly to their fragileness so you can save some money on the dishes and appliances in the future.

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5. When you moved

After a long ride from place A to place B, and after a struggle of putting all the boxes/bags/pouches in the flat you can jump on the couch and relax. I would suggest looking for those glasses of wine you made sure to survive the moving and pour yourself a good amount of Chardonnay. After all, you deserved it.