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One of the most important things that should be on everyone’s moving to-do list is to start collecting moving boxes before doing all the packing. Moving boxes can be obtained for free in a number of easy and handy methods, which can help decrease expenditures associated with moving. This will be of great help, especially if you are moving over a considerable distance and already have big expenses.

In the following guide, we will assist you in locating some of the most cost-effective spots to purchase moving boxes and other goods. If you have the appropriate assistance, finding boxes of varying sizes and made of high-quality materials does not have to be a difficult task at all.

Why pack my personal belongings in the first place

The care you take in packing will have a direct impact on the success of your relocation in terms of security, efficiency, and organization. Some of the most compelling arguments in favor of careful packing during a move are as follows:

  • Reduced stress and saved time. A well-planned packing strategy can alleviate anxiety and speed up the unpacking process. Moving can be simplified and stress reduced with careful forethought, the elimination of unnecessary items, and methodical packing.
  • Using all the available space efficiently. If you know how to pack efficiently, you can fit more things into less room. You can minimize the number of trips needed and save money on transportation by maximizing the space in moving trucks or storage containers through careful organization and arrangement of your belongings.
  • Protection. Efficient packing will keep your stuff safe throughout transport. You can prevent your belongings from being broken or damaged in transit if you use proper packing materials like boxes, accompanied by bubble wrap, packing paper, and blankets.

What also matters is choosing secure and high-quality moving boxes for your valuable possessions. Moreover, you will need to obtain boxes of different dimensions depending on the size and weight of your things.

Selecting the moving boxes of the correct size

The efficiency of your packing, the safety of your goods, and the convenience of moving day all depend on your choice of moving box size. The appropriate box sizes can be determined by following these guidelines.

  • Inventory. Create a comprehensive list of everything you need to pack first. Sort them by how large, heavy, and easily broken they are. The number and size of boxes you will need can be estimated from this.
  • Determine the box types you need for your move. Various cardboard boxes are available to accommodate a wide variety of goods. Wardrobe boxes, for instance, include rod pockets for hanging garments, while dish boxes have dividers to protect dishware. Think about the items you are packing and whether or not you will need any specific boxes.
  • Opt for boxes depending on the size of your items. When moving heavier objects like books, dishes, or small appliances, choose smaller to medium-sized boxes. Sizes like these are more convenient to transport, store, and stack. If you do not want the boxes to topple over from their own weight, it is crucial that you load them up fairly equally.
  • Do not forget about using large boxes. Pillows, blankets, and garments are all light enough to be packed in a larger box. Because they weigh less but take up more volume, these things are better packed in larger containers.
  • Label your boxes. After deciding on the appropriate box sizes, label them. Mark or label the contents, the destination room, and any other directions for use. This will simplify the process of unpacking and setting up your new home.

Now that you know what you will do with your boxes and what kind of boxes you need exclusively for your upcoming move, it is time to start looking for the ones that suit your needs the most.

Where to get cheap boxes for your move

Buying brand-new cardboard boxes at full price is not a bad idea if you can afford them. But if you are tight on budget, consider the following places where you can get cheap boxes to use for packing your personal belongings.


The heavy books shipped to bookstores require robust cartons. Ask if they have any empty boxes you may have for free or at a minimal cost at your nearby bookstore.

Grocery stores

The strong cardboard boxes that many corner markets receive their deliveries in are typically donated to the community for free. If you want to know if they have any, you can ask at the cash register or in the store’s back room.


U-Haul, a widely used moving and storage service, offers a free “Box Exchange” program through which customers can advertise their used moving boxes for sale or trade. If you want to check if there are any storage units near you, you can do so by visiting their website.

Dollar stores

Small and medium-sized boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap can be found at affordable costs at dollar stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General.


Facebook is not just a massive social media network, but it can also be an excellent location to find products to buy or even find free versions of them. Simply go to Marketplace and enter what it is you are looking for to get started.

Your friends and relatives

Involving people you already know is an excellent approach to getting any initiative off the ground. Before beginning your hunt for free moving boxes, you should first ask around. If some of your friends have moved within the past few years, there is a good probability that some of the boxes are still in usable shape since they have kept them. It is possible that the folks who live nearby or who you see on a regular basis would be delighted to assist you in getting rid of the boxes that they no longer use.


Moving boxes are only one of the seemingly endless products that can be purchased on Amazon. As you are well aware, you can buy everything there. In addition, you may get all of the necessary packaging materials, including paper, bubble wrap, and other items, and have them delivered to your home address in a convenient manner.


Freecycle is a website where people can give away unwanted stuff without having to pay anything. Finding free moving boxes on Freecycle depends on your locality and the postings placed by other users, so your mileage may vary.
Describe your needs in great depth with the help of this app. Just specify how many and what size of boxes you need, and you should hear back, if there are any available, in as little as an hour.


You can also find inexpensive or even free moving boxes on Craigslist. Items for sale, services, and even free stuff can all be found on Craigslist, a website dedicated to classified ads.

Office supply stores

If you have a large variety of cardboard and heavy-duty moving boxes to choose from, it may be a lot simpler and less stressful to select quality packing supplies that will not break the bank. Specialty moving boxes can be purchased in addition to standard boxes for the purpose of transporting items such as flat-screen televisions, electrical devices, expensive dishes, specialized equipment, musical instruments, and beds.

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