Do Moving Companies Provide Boxes?

When moving time comes I have to decide a couple of things first:

In case you are Moving yourself, you will have to handle everything yourself - packing materials, boxes, truck and etc.

But what about if you hire a professional?

Today we will talk about what included in the rate you pay to moving companies and what you exactly get from it.

For the Boston area a regular rate is $90/hour and includes a lot, but far from everything. You get 2 movers crew, truck, insurance, but what about packing supplies? Most of the companies provide you with tape, blankets to wrap and protect your furniture, floor coverage and maybe some other small things, but not boxes.

Boxes and other packing supplies you have to purchase yourself. Usually, moving companies keep few different size boxes in their truck in case of the need to pack something fragile. You can buy them or even rent, but they will be at least twice more expensive then buy from uhaul, for an example.

You also can get a Packing Service and Packing Supplies for your move, or even get these Packing Supplies separately and pack yourself.

As a conclusion, most of the moving companies provide with boxes, and sometimes even cheaper than other suppliers, all you have to do is just ask what options you have.

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