Five things to know before moving to South Florida

Florida is a great state to live in. It is known not only for favorable weather during the winter but also for no income tax policy. Of course, it has some benefits and downs. Here are a few things that most people don’t know when they decide to move to Florida.

Number one

In Florida, it’s very humid and hot during the summer, starting from May and ending in early September. The weather in Florida is rainy and tough. It’s impossible to go outside without being bathed in sweat. If you live in South Florida, it’s better to stay inside a house equipped with an air conditioner, or in a car with an AC system. Keep in mind that you will sweat in Florida, especially in the summer. Although this area is highly saturated with heavy rain, temperatures are rather high.

Number two

Most people who decide to relocate to Florida are the ones who have taken retirement. They prefer to sell their houses and move to Florida. To settle in South Florida, they buy new houses in this region. You can even collect Social Security. If you are lucky, you can get some money that you made from selling your old house and buying a new one in South Florida. So, if you are a retiree, you’ll be surprised, as you can meet many retirees here, in Florida. Most of them live in gated communities or senior houses.

Number three

Florida has lots of roads. You need a car to drive, especially if you’re not living in an upright building in the city of Miami. If you have settled in any other part of Florida, you will need transportation. When you’re moving to South Florida, you’ll have to arrange transport for your vehicle. You can either drive your car or get it shipped by a car carrier. Car carrier shipment will cost you around $1500 to move your car to Florida.

Number four

Luckily, in Florida, there’s no income tax. If you live here for over six months, you don’t have to pay any income tax to the state. This fact means you’ll get more money in your pocket. It’s a very huge difference compared to northern states, such as Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and California, where the income tax is very high. Hence, you can spend that money on yourself or your lovely family.

Number five

Miami, South Florida, is a party city especially for the spring break-up. Lots of people prefer to come here during the winter time just to party and have fun. You should expect loud parties, especially in the city of Miami, and wild nightlife. Clubs stay open till 5 A.M. If you’re moving in with the family, purchase a house in the suburbs or gated communities in Florida. This is especially the case if you have kids.