How Far Is the Trip from Boston to Chicago?

Ready to take a trip from Boston to Chicago? You’ve got plenty of options – bus, car, train, plane or a combination of all of them. Which you decide depends entirely on the experience you are after. Do you want the convenience of taking a flight or want to turn the journey into an epic road trip? There’s also a budget to consider.

There are 982.6 miles from Boston to Chicago. That’s 315 hours on foot; if you walked for 8 hours each day, you could make it from Boston to Chicago in just under 40 days. Fortunately, there are far better options. Here they are:

By Train

Take the train from Boston South Station Amtrak to Chicago Union Station Amtrak. The trip takes approximately 21 hours 31 minutes. Train travel tickets cost between $113 and $376 per seat.

By Car

The drive from Boston to Chicago will take 15 hours to cover the 852 miles in between each city. There’s a handy online tool that helps you calculate how much it will cost to drive from Boston to Chicago. If your car runs on regular, averages 25 miles per gallon, and the trip will likely consume 39.36 gallons, you’re looking at about $100.30 worth of gas.

By Plane

Flight time from Boston to Chicago is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Average ticket prices are $118.

By Bus

There are different bus operators to choose from that will take you from Boston to Chicago. Bus trips arrive in Chicago at two different stations and where you get dropped off depends on the bus line you are traveling on; however, the drop-off point for the majority of buses arriving in Chicago from Boston is at Union Station. The average price is $130, and the trip will take about 23 hours.

Making a Move from Boston to Chicago

Visiting Boston to Chicago for a short trip is one thing; moving your entire life from one city to the other is an entirely different story. Now that you’ve figured out the distance and how much it will cost you to get yourself to Chicago, it’s time to think about how to get all your stuff from your old home to your new one.

You’ll want only to consider moving companies that specialize in interstate relocations. And because you’ve discovered just how long the trip will be, you’ll wish to have movers that are fully licensed and insured, mainly if you have any fine art, antiques, breakables, state-of-the-art equipment, and other expensive items that need to be handled carefully over the long journey.

What you should be looking for are movers who have already done the math for you and can offer you a flat interstate Boston to Chicago rate. The last thing you want is to suddenly be surprised by additional fees such as labor and equipment, floor and furniture protection, tolls, fuel charge, and taxes.

Are you planning your interstate move? Call us or send an email. We will personally visit you, check your stuff, and give you an estimate.