How to move a fridge

When you need to get rid of your old fridge and gain a new one, or you just want to buy a new fridge, you need to move it inside your residence.


Disconnect the fridge from the outlet.


Empty your fridge.


Find a two-wheeler to move the fridge on your own, because it’s easier to move it down or up the steps. If you don’t have a two-wheeler, you can use that thing (insert the picture when you move in the fridge with somebody) on the strings.

If you’re strong enough, call your friends and get it together. All you have to do with the fridge is to apply the wheels to roll it as far as you can do, outside the door. Someone has to take the bottom of the fridge and pull it out. The other person has to take the front of the fridge. Then you and your guys can move the fridge outside the door on the two-wheeler or four-wheeler to pick it up on your vehicle or the truck that you have rented.


Secure the fridge with straps when it is in your truck.


When you have made it to your destination, unstrap the truck and move exactly the same way you had moved the fridge out of your previous apartment. If you want to secure doorways, put blankets or towels so as not to break the floors or scratch anything that’s around. Be sure to protect it with towels, blankets, or anything that can fit as a reliable protection.

If you find this task too difficult, call appliance movers to do this job for you! They charge money for their removal services, starting from $200. These professionals can transport your fridge for you. They will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble, headache, and stress. Reach out to appliance movers in your area. Learn the price for your fridge removal and transportation services! Remember, the price varies from state to state and from town to town. Find the cheapest movers on craigslist or Thumbtack!