How to move a hot tub?

Obviously, buying a used hot tub from a friend or neighbor is a wise investment! All you really need to know is how to move your hot tub. It’s not a good idea to try moving it by yourself. You can still succeed, though. To get started, simply gather the equipment listed below and follow our recommendations!

It is necessary to measure the hot tub’s height

Since the hot tub will be mounted on the liftgate, you should know this dimension. It needs to fit in the truck’s interior.

To prevent scratches on the hot tub’s sides, place blankets underneath it.

Ensure that the hot tub is turned over on its side. After flipping it over, relocate it to the liftgate area.

Keep in mind that your object weighs a lot. To flip it on its side, three or four people are required.

You’ll need to use a truck that can lift up to 2,500 pounds and has a liftgate

That would be sufficient to relocate your hot tub by yourself. This object only needs to be moved to the liftgate area. Try doing it with two or three friends, enjoying a can or two of cold beer each. Of course, you can do that without involving your friends if you hire professional movers. Once you put your hot tub on the liftgate, raise it! After it is fully elevated, move the hot tub inside the truck, strap it to the wall, and proceed to the next location.

Once you reach your destination, take the hot tub off the wall, move it to the liftgate, and do the exact opposite.

You can place two dollies underneath the hot tub if you decide to remove the object. Moving it to the liftgate will be much easier if you do this.

Repositioning the hot tub to its original position is the final step

Before you do that, be sure to take all reasonable safety precautions. Remember, it’s quite heavy.

It would be so much trouble to move the hot tub with your friends, so we advise you to hire a moving company. If the hot tub isn’t disassembled, it can weigh a lot.

The most time-consuming task will probably be disassembling your hot tub. However, the weight of the object will be significantly decreased. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to assemble it back at your place.