How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving company

Moving a piano is a challenging task, particularly if you have to do it alone without the help of professional movers. To carry out this job safely, you might need at least three men. There are a few things to think about when you buy a new or used piano and want to relocate it to a different area.

Here is a list of your actions below:

  • Use a dolly to put your piano on it!
  • Apply straps to fix your piano to the wall inside the truck!
  • Choose a truck with a ramp or a liftgate!
  • Find moving blankets to cover the piano! If you fasten it to the wall, it can move inside the truck, as the vehicle is dry. Make sure to prevent your musical instrument from falling down. It should stick tightly to the wall inside the truck.
  • Use a piano board (it is not required but would be helpful)!

If you relocate your musical instrument to the second floor, or you have to go up or down the stairs, you will certainly need a piano board for that shifting.

How to move a piano

  • First, wrap your piano with moving blankets. You can secure it from wiggling during transportation.
  • Second, once you have secured your instrument with moving blankets, take your piano from both sides and put it on the dolly.
  • Third, when on the dolly, strap it underneath the piano and the dolly in order to bond them together.
  • Fourth, roll out of your house and get into the apartment. Make sure there are no steps on the way.
  • Fifth, keep in mind that you have to be present with the piano all the time. At least three people are required to remove a heavy thing like your piano.
  • Sixth, when you take your object out of the house, somebody has to pull it up the ramp. The other person has to support it, while the third mover has to keep an eye on the piano. If it doesn’t flip, change your position. If you’re going up the ramp, there should be a 45-degree angle.
  • Seventh, once in the truck, secure the piano with the straps to the wall.

When you make it to your destination, do the same things with the piano:

  • Shift it down the ramp!
  • Bring it to a new apartment!
  • Lift the piano from the dolly and put it close to the wall!
  • Unwrap the piano!

It’s high time to set up your joy box. Now, you can enjoy this beautiful musical instrument.