How to Pack a Truck for a Long Distance Move?

If you are in the middle of the discussion to hire professional for your Long Distance Move or move yourself, I’m here to give you another reason why you should hire an experienced mover!

Packing truck, so all your items are safe is really a huge deal! It takes some experienced head to pack it right, not only in case when your truck doesn’t have enough space, but also when it’s to big and you have more than enough. 

Here are few tips on how to pack into boxes

  • Wrap all items with packing paper
  • Fragile items wrap with extra paper
  • Add packing paper on the bottom of the box
  • Put items carefully into the box
  • Add more paper on top of the box
  • Mark boxes

After you packed all the boxes you are ready to stock them in the truck. Boxes with fragile items go on top!

Tips on how to stack the truck for long distance move

To stack the truck right you have to follow these simple steps

  • Stack boxes first (also large dressers can go first and boxes on top)
  • Fragile ones go on top
  • Leave some space on top for some misc items
  • Strap after you stacked 3-4 feet
  • Misc staff always goes last
  • Strap pictures and mirrors to the wall

These are a couple of tips to help you with stacking the truck. Remember, always strap everything after 3-4 feet of stacking.

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