In case you are moving house or flat, you should be aware of the key aspects regarding your relocation. The majority of people hire professional moving companies and experienced movers to conduct the process because relocating on your own is a very demanding and complicated task. We are here to share the useful tips to follow along, answering such common inquiries, as what do movers pack for you? What to start packing first when moving?

Packing house tips regarding preparing various pieces of furniture before the move

The first thing to do is to make sure you create a list of the things and furniture you have in your house or flat that you are planning on taking with you. You need to know how to disassemble them (in case the moving company you have chosen does not provide such a relocation service) and prepare each piece in advance. There might be things that you can disassemble days before the moving day, but there are also items, such as your bed for instance, that ought to be disassembled and prepared on a moving day. Furthermore, it is important to protect fragile pieces of furniture, such as glass, by wrapping them in bubble wrap or blankets. But let us start from the very beginning?

  • Measuring the doorways. You may not be able to disassemble all the furniture in your house, thus you need to measure the doorways so as to make sure it will easily fit through them without damaging anything. Apart from that, make sure you disassemble the pieces of furniture that allow doing so before moving on to the following step.
  • Packing tools and equipment. Usually, if you have previously hired full-service packing and moving companies to assist you, they ought to use professional packing tools and materials. But that does not mean you cannot prepare some things beforehand by yourself. You can get plastic bags and a marker for tiny items, such as nails, and bolts you don’t want to get lost during the move. When it comes to glass or any other valuable pieces, make sure you get the clear packing tape of the high-quality, as well as a bubble wrap in order to secure each item.
  • Disassemble the pieces of furniture. The most time-consuming process is figuring out how to disassemble your furniture. You can use assembly instructions books if necessary. Keep in mind that there are parts that ought to be removed first. These are table legs, frames of the bed, books shelves, any inserted glass tops, and so on. Remember that those items are to be secured separately afterward. You can also read about the moving hacks and packing materials worth your attention in terms of getting detailed insight into the available range of packing supplies to be used.
  • Do not forget about the cushions. Such items, like sofa cushions, pillows, and similar items, can be simply packed into plastic bags. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you use those bags to additionally protect the fragile items during the move. They can also be wrapped in blankets and secured with packing tape. But make sure you do not use the tape on the furniture surfaces to avoid any stains from appearing.
  • Loading tips. What packers and movers do is load customers’ personal items into the moving vehicle. It is usually a transporting van whose capacity is enough to move large items and customers’ belongings. Usually, experienced and skilled movers know what things to load first, and these are usually large and heavy items, such as sofas, dressers, large tables, and so on. They will secure them for you, as well.

Get in touch with Movers and Packers of the selected moving company for more information

In case you are relocating with the help of a professional moving company, do not hesitate to get in touch with its competent staff regarding any inquiries you may have that are related to your move. You can also request a free quote and get all the things organized in advance under the professional and reliable assistance of the skilled team of movers.