Moving in Boston on September 1

Hey, do you need to move in Boston on September 1, or are you just wondering what is going on in Boston on September 1?
If you’re not from Massachusetts or the Boston area, you’re probably not sure what kind of collapse is happening on August 31 and September 1.

Rental Truck Moving Companies Services and OperationBoston is a student and college city. Pretty much a lot of the population moving in and out on September 1 and August 31. Plus, everyone’s lease is up for renewal on August 31 and September 1. So a lot of our customers are looking for overnight storage or moving days on August 31 or September 1.

Why is that?

In reality, everything is twisted, as you can imagine. Almost every lease is expiring, and the new one starts on September 1. So what’s happening? A good amount of people have to move in and move out at the same time, and this is what causes chaos in Boston on September 1st.

A lot of our customers couldn’t do everything on the same day, so they have to keep the stuff overnight in the trucks, and then they move in on September 1, and they move out on August 31.

As you can imagine, a whole town is moving in and moving out on the same day. It causes complete chaos on the streets of Boston, especially in Brighton, Allston, and all of the student areas. A lot of people rent a U-Haul truck that they have never driven before. These people tend to hit the cars because if you never drove a big truck, how can you handle this? But you can rent a U-Haul truck or any other rental truck with a regular license; it’s up to a 26-foot truck. if you don’t even have to get any specific extension to your license, you can just drive. It is a normal car. So if you’re brave enough, you can rent a truck and try to drive it in the city, which will be full of moving trucks.

And if this is not enough, we have a fun phenomenon in Boston called Storrowed. All moving trucks have a higher clearance than the car, vans, or any other vehicles. That’s why it’s specifically important when you’re moving to Boston on September 1, August 31, or any other day. If you decide to save the money and get the rental truck and drive as a usual car, you put in Google Maps your destinations plan, and you drive your truck as a normal car, but here’s the cash in Boston, you cannot drive trucks on Storow Drive or Memorial Drive.

Why not?

Rental Truck Moving Companies Services and OperationBecause the truck has a clearance of at least 11.0 feet, and all of the bridges on Memorial Drive or Storrow Drive are super low. They are up to 10.6. So at least you need 4 additional inches to make it under the bridge, and you might not be aware, but if you’re not able to make it, you’re going to destroy the truck’s roof.

Yes, and if you don’t know this, just please be aware to NEVER drive on Storrow Drive on Memorial Drive on the moving truck because you will hit a bridge 99% of the time. And this happens because the GPS find the fastest way possible, and they are not aware that you’re driving a big truck, and that’s why you can get a victim of this situation. Just don’t fall for this.

What happens if you hit the roof of a rental truck on Storrow Drive?

This all comes out to the insurance company, but if you rent a truck and destroy the roof of the truck, surprise, the roof is not covered by the insurance company, and they specifically mentioned this on the rental agreement. Please double-check before signing that roof damage is not covered. If you completely destroyed the truck, it’s covered, but if you blow up a roof on the truck, it’s not covered.

What happens after? They will probably try to sue you for a decent amount of money because a roof will cost between $5.000 to $10.000 to fully replace and refinish it. Just please be aware of all of those things that are happening in Boston with Moving on September first and August 31.

And in general, all of the month of August is super busy for Movers in Boston. If you ever decided to hire a Moving company to help you, just please give them a call at least a week before your moving date.