Moving a Mobile Home

The idea of living in a mobile home conjures up images of freedom and movement, but in reality, these are just stationary homes fitted with wheels. More than ninety percent of mobile homes, which are often referred to as manufactured homes, are never moved from the site where they were initially set up. If you are considering relocating your mobile home, you will need to think about the requirements necessary to transfer it as well as the fees that are related to the relocation.

What is a mobile home?

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Mobile homes, also called manufactured homes, are a type of prefab housing that is constructed in a factory before being transported to the final installation site. It is built to be moved around, however, most people only do it a handful of times.

Many people choose to move their mobile homes on their own wheels and axles because they are built on a permanent chassis. Both single-wide and double-wide models exist, with the former being carried as a single unit and the latter consisting of two units connected together on the property.

A flatbed trailer or mobile home transporter is needed to move a mobile home from one location to another. Disconnecting utilities, packing up the house, loading everything onto the moving truck, and driving it to its new site are all part of the procedure. After arriving at its new location, a mobile home is usually set up on a foundation or blocks and its utilities are reconnected.

Moving a mobile home is a hard job that requires the expertise of movers who specialize in this type of relocation. They know how to coordinate everything, keep the house safe during transport, and get the appropriate permissions and licenses in accordance with local laws.

Do all moving companies provide assistance in moving a mobile home?

Some moving companies do not have the right tools to transport a mobile home. It takes specialized training, heavy machinery, and government approval to relocate a mobile home. Due to its bulk and weight, mobile homes necessitate meticulous preparation and execution before any relocation.

There are professional moving companies available that focus on transporting mobile homes and have the requisite experience and tools for the job. Companies like these know what it takes to safely disassemble, transport, and reassemble mobile homes, all while adhering to all applicable regulations.

Contacting a reliable and professional mobile home moving company in your area is a must if you need to relocate a mobile home with zero stress and no damage. To guarantee a smooth and trouble-free move, they will inspect the premises, give you a quote, and organize everything involved.

Preparing a mobile home for the move

A mobile home’s safety and structural integrity depend on meticulous planning and execution prior to movement. Methods you can apply when preparing your mobile home for the upcoming move are outlined below:

  • Check out the local regulations. Learn about the necessary licenses and permissions in your area before transporting a mobile home. Get the appropriate authorizations and make sure you are following the law.
  • Consider hiring a professional moving crew. Professionals with experience transporting mobile homes are the best choice for this difficult job. Find a company that has experience transporting mobile homes, and be sure they have insurance. Get in touch with the moving company ahead of time to go through details including logistics, route, and special requests. Make sure to provide everyone with an accurate time and date for the ride.
  • Clear the area that surrounds your mobile home. Remove any debris, such as tree limbs, low-hanging wires, or other structures, off the path the mobile home will travel.
  • Protection measures. Protect the windows and doors from road debris and potential impacts by covering them with plywood or other protective materials.
  • Reinforce the entire structure. Add temporary supports, such as braces or beams, to the mobile home’s structure to stop it from moving about too much on the truck. The safety of the house will be enhanced by this measure.

Keep in mind that these are just optional guidelines and that in order to ensure the safe and successful transfer of your mobile home, you should seek the advice of professionals and follow any local legislation or particular instructions offered by the moving service.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

Factors that affect how much it will cost to relocate a mobile home include its size and weight, the intricacy of the route, any necessary permits, as well as any supplementary services that must be provided. The average cost to relocate a mobile home is around $20,000. Some of the variables that can affect the final price are represented below as a useful guideline that will assist you in planning your moving budget.


Long-distance travels are more expensive because of the increased time and money spent on transportation.

The complexity of the route taken

The price may go up if the route requires more preparation and coordination because of barriers like limited roads, bridges, or rough terrain.

Weight and size of the mobile home

Mobile houses that are both larger and heavier are more difficult and expensive to transfer.


Permits from local authorities are usually required in order to relocate a mobile home, and the associated fees might range widely.

Additional services

Additional fees may apply for services like utility disconnection and reconnections, skirting removal and replacement, and similar endeavors.

In order to acquire accurate pricing estimates, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with mobile home moving companies in your area and give them detailed information about your relocation. They are able to take into account the specifics of your situation and supply you with an estimate that is more accurate in light of your prerequisites.

Reasons to opt for a full service moving company to move your mobile home

To successfully relocate a mobile home, particular training, and tools are required. Moving companies with a great experience in the moving field have staff members who are experienced, as well as trained, in the safe and effective handling of mobile homes while they are being moved. Because they are knowledgeable about the logistics, legal requirements, and potential obstacles associated with relocating mobile homes, they can help to ensure that the move goes smoothly and successfully.

It takes specialized equipment, such as hydraulic jacks, dollies, and trailers designed for transporting heavy structures, to relocate a mobile home. Moving companies that specialize in this industry have access to a variety of resources, some of which may not be easily accessible to individuals. They are able to manage the entirety of the moving process, from disconnecting utilities to securing the home for transport and reinstalling it at the new place because of the equipment and resources that they have at their disposal.

The process of moving a mobile home requires a large investment of both time and work. You may spare yourself the headaches and anxiety connected with arranging the move, collecting permits, and managing logistics if you hire a moving company. This will allow you to save time and money. The movers will take care of the entire procedure, freeing you up to concentrate on other parts of your relocation and making for an experience that is both more convenient and effective.

More things to consider when getting your mobile home moved by a fully licensed and insured service

Mobile homes are not designed to be the most robust structures that can survive the harshest of weather conditions. You need to be sure that the weather will not have a significant impact on the relocation of your home by checking the weather prediction for the day you plan to move and doing so well in advance of the move. If there is a chance of severe weather on the day that you are moving, you should check with the movers to see if it is possible to reschedule the move.

Give your driver specific instructions and directions on how to get to the destination before the move even begins, and tell the driver what to do when the home arrives at its new lot. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly. You should have all of the necessary information ready for the driver, including the lot number as well as anything else that may be required to ensure that the move goes off without a hitch.

When your house is raised onto the flatbed truck in order to relocate it, the contents of the house will be shifted around quite a bit. This is because the flatbed truck rides at an angle. Then, as soon as the truck is on the road, your home will be subjected to all of the typical bumps that any other car on the road will face, which is an excellent method for items to be thrown around inside the home and shattered. As you would do before any other relocation, you should start by removing the majority of the large items from your home in order to better prepare for this one. That entails the removal of all large household appliances, significant pieces of furniture, and anything else that has the potential to be destroyed easily; failing to do so puts not only your belongings but also the interior of your house in danger of being damaged. Also remove any chemicals, liquids, and anything that can catch fire or is combustible before you begin. Most of the time, your movers will not move the house until the interior has been emptied. This is because they are concerned about their liability in the event that any of your valuables or other belongings are destroyed during the relocation.

Is it possible to move a mobile home without a professional moving crew?

It is feasible to relocate a mobile home without the assistance of professional movers; however, doing so may be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. To successfully and safely relocate a mobile home, you will likely need to make use of specialized equipment, gain relevant expertise, and accrue relevant experience. This will involve more expenditures so hiring a professional moving company that will do the job is not only the safest option but also the cheapest in this case.

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