Thinking About Moving to Connecticut?

Thinking about moving to Connecticut??

It’s not an easy task to move, especially if you are moving across the state line Let’s take a look at Connecticut state when you moving there

Connecticut, why Connecticut? This state has some pros and cons let see what are the major pros and cons of this state particular probably main problem is slow traffic even compare to bean town traffic can be really slow almost in every direction on I 95 and I 84.
Connecticut located is between two major cities Boston and NYC so you can pretty much travel to any direction from there on a holiday season and on a weekend there is so much to see in NYC and Boston.

Public transportation

Public transportation is not as good as in Boston You have to have a car in order to get around in Connecticut otherwise you will be stuck on a bus a whole time. Also, taxes are really high in Connecticut because the state does have any industry to collect taxes from or it’s not earning any money from any industry so you have to pay high taxes on living and on housing. Housing relatively cheap compared with Massachusetts.

The school system

The school system on average is better than in other states. Let’s take a look closer what’s best and worst Cities across Connecticut so you have an idea where to move.

Best places to live in Florida

Worst and best cities

Worst cities to move in CT

  1. Hartford
  2. Bridgeport
  3. Waterbury

Best cities to move in CT

  1. New Canaan
  2. Milford
  3. Middletown

There is no Good nightlife in Connecticut as if you are young and moving from Boston to Connecticut you have to keep this in mind. You either have to drive to Boston or New York. Another CON People not as friendly as in southern states. Weather is usually four seasons so you will see Winter Fall Spring and Summer temperature in winter can be really cold. If you decide to move to from Boston to Connecticut you probably ask yourself how much does it cost to move from Boston to Connecticut answer will be around 700-1000$ total including all expenses, option B, if you want to rent a truck and do it yourself price will be around 500$ total, of course, its a price for standard one-bedroom apartment if you are moving a house to Connecticut price, will be more than a thousand dollars

I hope we can help you where you decided to move from Boston