Types of Tape for Packing Assets when Moving House

It may seem that all the tapes are absolutely the same. Indeed, what they have in common is the purpose they are used for, but as far as how they can be used, there is an extensive range of packing tapes used when preparing personal belongings for the move. Since there are various types of packing tapes found at the disposal of moving companies, it is important to mention a few key types that are used in different industries and for many purposes but are proven to be one of the best when it comes to packing assets when relocating.

Packing tape types and recommendations

To be able to successfully perform the shipping operation accompanied by thorough packaging planned beforehand, one should know all the qualities brought by a specific type of packing tape. We have made a list of the most common tapes that are used for packing when moving house or flat:

  • Packing tape with dispenser. Tape dispenser guns can be used with an extensive range of tapes, allowing packing and sealing of boxes a few times faster. Make sure to select the tape according to your needs and insert the roll onto the dispenser wheel before using it. Packing tapes and dispenser guns are available in different shapes and sizes, thus, it is important to select the packing equipment that is synchronized.
  • Acrylic packing tape. This is the type of transparent tape used for corrugated boxes (three-layered boxes with air-filled grooves). This tape is also known as carton sealing tape as it has the ability to stick to corrugated surfaces instantly. Acrylic packing tapes are not only affordable and easy to find but also prove to be versatile and resistant to ultraviolet. The tape can be applied manually or with the help of the tape dispenser gun.
  • Hot melt tape. This type is considered a reliable heavy-duty packing tape as it delivers dependable seals. What distinguishes hot melt tape from the aforementioned tapes is the stick factor that allows securing boxes and cartons, even under high pressure. It is suitable for various temperature ranges and is one of the most reliable types of tapes used by professional movers when packing customers’ belongings. Keep in mind that a hot melt tape can be applied by both hands and with the help of a tape dispenser gun of the same size.
  • Masking tape. Not only is it used for packing and sealing cardboard boxes, but also for painting and securing light-weighted items. Masking tape is available in different versions, depending on the consumer’s needs. It means that there are types that are resistant to sunlight, and thus can be used for outdoor purposes, as well as industrial heavy-duty types that are both water- and oil-resistant. Masking tape is also used in the auto industry.
  • Double-sided tape. Being actively used in an extensive range of industries, double-sided tape, containing adhesives on either side, is available in different color variations. Brown packing tape is perfect for sealing pre-packed cardboard boxes as the tape can be easily hidden out of sight, providing an aesthetic look.

Selecting the right tape type when packing your personal belongings for the move is a very responsible and crucial part of the relocation process. By choosing the tape according to your needs, you will be able to secure fragile objects and breakable items and seal the packages properly so that nothing gets damaged during transit. Remember that small boxes can be packed manually, whereas larger items require an automatic tape dispenser that will help perform the task faster and effortlessly.

Where to start packing when moving and other crucial moving aspects to take into account

If you are moving on your own, there are things you ought to take into consideration before packing objects. There are items that require being packed first, whereas the items you will need as soon as you arrive at a new place are to be packed last. Packing equipment and supplies are to be acquired in advance so that you know which objects require meticulous attention and protection.

If moving under the assistance of a professional moving company, you will not need to worry about packing materials as the moving company already has a wide range of supplies and tools prepared to maintain the process.