What to Do when You Move Into a New Apartment?

All of us dread the big move into a new apartment. Not only is it time-consuming to pack up all of your personal belongings and transport them to your new flat, unpacking them is just as time-consuming and meticulous. Here are five things to do when moving into a new apartment that should help to ease the burden and make it as simple and as painless as possible:

1. Reserve a Moving Truck At Least 2 weeks before the move

It is imperative that you reserve a moving truck, a team of professional movers, or both at least one 2 weeks prior to your scheduled move-in date. Not only will this save you the physical stress of bending, lifting, and maneuvering your heavy furniture items up a set of stairs, it will also save you the mental stress of figuring out how to load as many boxes as possible into your car.

2. Review Your Lease & Ensure All Paperwork is In Order

Be sure to review your lease down to the finest detail. Check to see if you are permitted to paint the walls, nail up pictures and other fixtures, own a pet, or follow a noise ordinance. These may not seem detrimental, but often times these fine print details are missed and could result in forfeiting a security deposit, additional rent, or other penalties. Do not forget to check and verify your signatures.

3. Pack Your Appliances Appropriately

Some of your most valuable electronic appliances and devices can be the most difficult to pack and transport. For instance, be sure to take extra care when packing your state-of-the-art 4K flat screen TV. Some moving companies, like UHaul, offer a Flat Panel TV Kit to help make this easy. However, if you would rather do it yourself, BestBuy suggests you make a note of the location every cable coming in and out of your TV, wrapping it in bubble wrap, shrink wrap, or a blanket and seal the ends with tape. Always stand the TV upright and try to place it in an empty box to prevent it from moving.

4. Check for Any Damages or Signs of Insect Infestation

When you first see your new apartment, there is a good chance that someone was currently living in it. There was probably furniture, fixtures, décor, and artwork on the walls making it difficult to really notice any sort of damages or signs of insect infestation. Now that your apartment is empty and ready for you to move in your possessions, be extra careful to search your new flat for holes in the walls, cracks in tiles, leaking fixtures and faucets, and holes in hardwood floors. Inspect for termite damage, rodent droppings, and other signs of bedbug or cockroach infestation.

5. When You Are Finally Moved In

Once you are finally moved in, be sure to sit down, turn on some music, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, and completely absorb your new home. Congratulations on the new apartment! Follow these five guidelines to make the process as painless as possible.