What to do with the boxes after moving? 5 great options

One question that comes up after moving into your new apartment or house and unpacking everything is what to do with the boxes and used packaging paper.

Saving money

You can store boxes for a certain time and use them when you decide to move again. In this instance, the cost of future moving will be cheaper. Some of our clients pile their boxes, secure them with tape, and keep them in the garage or attic. If you intend to relocate again later, this is the right way to save money. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars buying new boxes. You could reuse these boxes in the near future or re-purpose them. This is a useful option, particularly if you know you will move around a lot. Therefore, reuse the box you already have rather than purchase a new one. They can last for five uses at most before going bad.


You can recycle your boxes after your moving is completed if you don’t intend to move again soon. Put them in the recycling container. You can inquire about where to recycle used cardboard boxes by contacting City Hall. Large dumpsters are available for residents to use. It would be a wise decision to check it out. Perhaps your city or town affords this opportunity.

Your movers can take boxes with them

It would be a great idea to check if the moving company can take all unused boxes after the completion of the move for a small fee. They can reuse them or recycle them. A lot of moving companies have their own dumpsters. They need moving boxes, so ask them if they can reuse them for the next move, or they can just recycle all of them.

What to do if you have way more stuff that you need to dispose of?

If you have a lot of unused boxes and any other things that you would like to throw away, it makes sense to throw them away with boxes. In this situation, you can rent a truck or use your car to move boxes from your new house to the refusal facility near you. For a small fee, you can throw them out. Dumpster facilities charge by weight. Since boxes are not heavy, they wouldn’t overcharge you a lot. You just have to find the facilities near you. Even though they charge a little bit extra, you will not overpay because of the small weight of unused cardboard boxes.

Use old boxes at your home or donate them

You might as well think about using boxes for your garden, or utilize them to store all the extra stuff and organize your basement. You are welcome to donate the items, including the boxes.

Please note the following details:

Make sure not to overuse the boxes and packaging paper. Otherwise, you’ll have to dispose more, which will create an unnecessary mess in the new place. Stuffing five items into a box with a ton of packing paper is just absurd. Half of the box will be empty. Don’t pack too many plates, dishes, and kitchenware in a box.