Where can i park my moving truck in Boston?

Boston is not the perfect place for moving. Its tiny streets are really difficult to drive and especially park your moving truck. There are some large streets, of course, but also there is North End, for example, and it’s really different story. In such places as Beacon Hill is impossible to find parking for a car not to mention the truck.


So, when you need to park a truck in front of your apartments to load it you have to purchase parking permits. You can simply go to their website and make it in 5 minutes. After 2 weeks you will get your permits and will be able to place them on the street to reserve a couple of parking spots for your moving needs.


parking truck


But what if you need to park a truck for a night? In such a case it will be a little bit more difficult. If you got a small 16 feet truck you can simply park it in the parking spot on the street. Make sure the road is large enough and the truck doesn’t block it. Pay for a night of parking and you will good. There are also options to find spots for trucks, but usually they outside of Boston. In some cases, you can try to find paid parking for your truck and leave it there for a night.


In Case of large truck 18” and more you will have difficulties. For such a case I suggest you find some storage facilities and ask them if you can rent a space for your truck. There are storage facilities that provide parking lots for Moving companies.

Another good option is to call a moving company in Boston and ask for a parking spot for a night and maybe the company will provide you a spot for a night for a small amount of money.

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