Why People Move from Boston to North Carolina

In the past seven years, North Carolina has ranked in the top ten for inbound migration, and this trend has continued to rise. This ranking may be for any combination of several reasons. The weather is mild while still including all four seasons, the cost of living is low, and the closeness of the communities keeps commute time to a minimum.
The hottest average temperature in North Carolina is around 90° (F) and even temperatures that high are only around for a few weeks mid-summer. Average lows are only about 26° (F) so, while it’s still cold enough for snow, the cold doesn’t get bitter or overwhelming. Spring through fall is filled with engaging outdoor community activities as barbeques and fish fries. Microbreweries are also hugely popular throughout the state.
The citywide median for the cost of a home here in Boston in 2016 was $530,000 according to a study published in Boston Magazine in 2017. The median price of a home in the most expensive city in North Carolina was $169,000 in 2016 according to Zillow. If someone is looking to move out of state, it is beginning to become clear why they might choose to move to this one!
North Carolina has an average commute time throughout the state of 22.5 minutes which reflects the low unemployment and high-wage job growth the state boasts, as well. Despite all the money being made, the cost of living remains low.
North Carolina also has some beautiful land to its name. There are beaches, mountains, and forests all within a few hours’ drives. The different terrains allow for various activities such as water skiing, hang gliding or hiking, and there are places already set up so that you can try them all.
However, what about Boston? Why are so many people Moving from Boston to North Carolina? While North Carolina is in the top ten states people go to, Massachusetts is in the top ten states that people leave. Over half of these folks say they are leaving because of a job: several site better climates and lower cost of living elsewhere as motives for moving away, as well.
It seems as though Boston has gained more growth in the job market recently, but that’s not enough when the cost of living is so astronomical compared to other regions with a similar demand for hiring. Sure, the weather and winters can be a bit nasty sometimes, but that’s not usually enough to drive people away. The combination, however, of the high cost of home rental and ownership, the lack of appropriate job opportunities, and the icky weather lead many folks to throw up their hands and head for warmer climates. Using Moving Company Software you can get a free estimate.
Despite Boston’s unemployment being an entire percentage point (or more) lower than North Carolina, folks don’t want to stay here when they have the opportunity to be elsewhere. While moving is always expensive, the drastic difference in the cost of living alone can cover the cost of efficient, well-insured movers who can have your belongings to you in a reasonable amount of time. Even though you think you may be able to do it with just a van and a friend, it would be worth the peace of mind and sense of security to have professionals to assist you.