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There are so many reasons to move from Boston to Columbus but most of the people moving to Columbus for a job once they find the job your employer has to compensate you for your relocation expenses. That’s why our moving company can handle this process. Long-distance moving from Boston to Ohio can be very stressful but our company fully understands the responsibilities of movers on this hard journey. Once you make a plan to hire the movers our company can provide you moving services from Boston to Ohio. Also not only just long-distance moving services but quality packing and Wrapping.

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Moving to Columbus from Boston

Our crew can come to your house two days before the move. On the moving date we will protect your furniture we will put boxes on the truck and then will safely move your belongings from Boston to Columbus. Born to Move moving company can provide not only great service but we can also offer a free ride on the truck with us. Movers will provide you the necessary equipment to complete the job efficiently. Insurance is already included in the cost of the move from Boston to Columbus. Our service transportation will include everything such as tolls gas miles. A lot of moving companies charge for miles we do not do that so the first time when they say your move will cost that much this price will not include some additional expenses so please be aware of that. Our moving company will provide a flat fee that will not affect by any circumstances so once we agreed on the price there’s gonna be no surprises along the way from Boston to Columbus. Our movers will carefully dismantle your bed and we will put us on the truck and after we’re done loading we will start driving at night so you will see your belongings on the very next day at delivery in Ohio. Boston movers who are driving interstate have to be prepared for the road and have to have all necessary licenses to operate out of state. Born to Move movers hold all necessary equipment and licenses. Once the truck will be at the final station in Columbus our movers will unload our truck we will put your bed back together and put the boxes as they labeled will also unwrap the furniture and will move your furniture inside your new home. After we complete the move we will carefully inspect the truck and make sure we left nothing behind in the boxes or miscellaneous stuff on the truck that will put all the screws to your bed. Once we do all of the above we will collect the payment that can be made by each certified check credit card credit cards are subject to a 3% processing fee or cash. After we will give you a receipt you can keep it for your needs. We will put on the truck and will start driving back from Columbus to Massachusetts. Please don’t hesitate to contact our company for a free no-obligation in-home estimate. The average moving cost from Boston to Ohio will start from 2400$ including all the expenses. The standard price for a one-bedroom apartment move, but if you are moving the three-bedroom house, of course, it will be more expensive because we need to spend more time on the labor to load the truck and unload so please contact a representative to determine that your moving cost.

About Columbus

Columbus is the biggest city in the state of Ohio also is a capital located at Scotty River. Columbus city is famous for huge Fontaine’s trails and lots of activities. Columbus OH offers great food variety, venues, shops restaurants cafés in downtown. Columbus OH was settled by German immigrants in 18 century. The city called name Columbus got its name in favor of Christopher Columbus Italian explorer.

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