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So if you’re trying to move to Detroit MI because you got a new job or you trying to buy real estate which is very popular because you can buy a house in Detroit for only one dollar the tricky thing is you need to pay taxes for the land to Detroit which can be pretty high depends on the area where you decided to get an abandoned house or new construction. 

When you’re moving to Michigan you have to pack all your items into the boxes first then you need to find the moving company which helps you to move from Boston to Detroit.

Movers from Boston to Detroit have to be fully licensed and insured and they have to have authority from the FMCSA/Department of transportation. Once you pack everything and put all the boxes movers when they come they have to wrap all the furniture, put everything on the truck and move the truck to the parking lot. Movers will start driving to Detroit right away driving a truck in winter conditions can be really tough but not for our workers. The average driving way from Boston to Detroit MI  depends on how many stops you are willing to take. Moving cost on average moves from Boston to Detroit will cost around $2800 altogether including extra expenses. We guarantee delivery on the next day or in 2 days depending on your preference.

 But it depends on the moving company and the moving conditions.

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Moving from Boston to Detroit

Wrapping up the furniture is necessary because when you are moving locally or out of state it will help to protect your furniture from scratches that might happen along the way because furniture inside of the truck is moving and it creates some damage. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your furniture and then save $300 for the move and then end up with completely broken furniture or furniture with scratches that’s why people hire the moving company.

When you move from Massachusetts to Detroit MI it’s also important to know that the distance between Boston and Detroit will be around 800 miles. Once movers arrive in Detroit MI they have to put all the furniture in desired places, where you want to see all your stuff. They can help you to unpack the boxes and pack the furniture set up the bed in the place what do you want to see the bed also they will sign the paperwork once the move is completed they will load the truck and move back to Boston we do not take any loads on the way back so that’s why our transportation is a little bit more expensive than usual rates for another long-distance moving companies.

We also provide live tracking GPS so you can track your belongings along the way to your final destination.  make sure when you move in yourself to secure your belongings in the truck with rental moving blankets and straps.

About Motor City

Some people think Detroit is a dead city with people only moving out of Detroit.

Detroit’s crime rate is higher than average in America but sometimes Detroit city can surprise you because the city of Detroit is rising from its ashes, and it’s all because of the people who are moving into Detroit trying to make the city beautiful than ever before.

 Detroit is not also very known for its motor city and city of the industrial revolution.

Detroit is the heart of the American automotive industry; the city provided the models for mass production that other industries later adopted. Henry Ford was a pioneer of the assembly line and manufacturing process. 

Detroit is famous for Michigan lake and Henry Ford Museum it’s a very popular place in Michigan located close to Detroit so if you will be there please take your time and visit this great museum.

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Boston to Detroit Moving

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FAQ about moving from Boston to Detroit

Our flat rate for moving from Boston to Detroit includes all other charges. No hidden fees.

Yes, Born to Move Moving Company is fully licensed and Insured for moving from Boston to Detroit

Customers responsible for truck parking in Detroit or any parking tickets.

Unfortunately you can not be in the truck while we transport your items from Boston to Detroit ,because of the certain department of transportation regulations.

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