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The proverb says that two moves are equivalent to one fire, implied under this stress and imminent loss of household. The most difficult in any Brighton move is that all your property have to be disassembled, packed, transported without breaking, unpacked, and then assembled correctly. From the first view such task is close to unreal, but for such professional moving company as Born to Move this is absolutely usual task. Here we will consider all stages of moving and give some useful tips by example of our moving company in Brighton.

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Professional and dedicated "Brighton man with van", our moving company provide customers with the service of moving to Brighton. Let's consider how to pack or prepare your property for packing correctly in order to avoid possible damages. In case of Brighton moves, small things of the owners are packed by movers. At the same time many customers pack their own things by themselves. But this does not always make it easier for movers because there is a greater risk of things damages on the road due to improper packing. The main task of our Born to Move Bighton moving company is to safely pack everything that can be packed, load it into a truck, transport and unload everything in a new place, whether it's a neighboring street, another city, state or warehouse of a moving company where customers can store all their belongings for a certain time.

  • Mirrors should be wrapped in paper and packed in special boxes
  • You shouldn't leave free space in boxes, the remaining space should be filled with paper or foam fillers
  • Light bulbs must be turned out of the lamps
  • Books should be packed only in small boxes face down
  • We will take care about all the wooden furniture
  • All shelves which can fall out during transportation must be removed from cabinets and sideboards
  • The glass on the doors should be protected by cardboard(if you have a chance)

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