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Burlington VT is a beautiful city located in the state of Vermont in the Northwest region on Champlain Lake. It’s a gorgeous town which has some historic buildings and many more attractions. Moving to Burlington Vermont may be challenging because of the drive through the mountains. After you found a place in Burlington you have to decide which route you want to go, hiring movers from Boston to Burlington VT or do move on your own. There’s always beautiful feelings in those small cities in the north of the country when you feel this vibe when you’re a little bit far from civilization, I mean from the big cities but you still want to move there and live for a little bit just to feel this mother nature vibe. Burlington VT is a big city compared to the rest of Vermont but on the other hand, if you compared it to the rest of the big cities in the United States then it happened to be not that big and you just want to live there and enjoy a beautiful life. Born to Move movers offers a same-day delivery service to Vermont from Boston.

Reasons to Move to Burlington Vermont


Burlington VT not as crazy as Boston. There are a few reasons to move there besides the beautiful nature and the great lake just right outside of the city which is very huge and it looks like an ocean. We will also wrap all the furniture that you’ll be moving on the truck no matter how big the move, if it’s a one-bedroom apartment or four-bedroom house, will always take care of all of your belongings by wrapping them, disassembling them, and moving them safely into the new location in Burlington Vermont. Burlington is located close to Canada and close to New York State. The weather could be really tough but on the other hand in the benefits, you will have nice mountains around you in which in the wintertime you can ski and enjoy these beautiful unforgettable moments that you can only experience in the northern parts of the country. While moving can be a difficult part of your journey.


How much does it cost to move from Boston to Burlington?


Wondering about the cost of moving from Boston to Burlington Vermont we can give you a fair price for your moving request. In order to get from Boston to Burlington Vermont, you need to drive in about 3,5 hours each way so that means on the truck. Movers will have to go in about 4 hours including all the stops along the way which is about 350 miles on the road in one way.
The approximate cost will be to move a one-bedroom apartment from Boston to Burlington Vermont will be about $1000 to $1300 altogether that’s including all the expenses such as tolls, gas transportation, and all other moving expenses
Starting price of a 2 bedroom apartment will be around $1600-$1900 total including all the transportation and necessary expenses.
Need movers for a 3 bedroom house? Please don’t hesitate to use our calculator for the best price available.

Don’t just hire amateurs that you just found on craigslist or somebody that you can’t trust. Your friends give you the advice to use this company. Born to Move moving company will safely relocate you from Boston to Burlington Vermont. SelfMoving is not always an easy way to do that but on the other hand, if you have furniture that’s worth about $5000 to  $10,000 you just don’t want to give it to somebody for $500 for transport from one place to another. Please take care of all your belongings and or make sure that you will give permission to do that to somebody that you can trust, plus you need to find somebody with affordable moving prices. Please don’t forget to check online reviews as well as the insurance because moving companies that move your items from Boston to Vermont might not have insurance or do you so. Check the DOT number that’s required under federal law and make sure that the company of your choice would have that as well as insurance.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the relocation from Boston to Burlington VT.


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