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Rental Truck Moving Companies Services and OperationWhy are customers moving to Canada from Boston?

Out-of-country moves can be complicated and demanding since there are various things to prepare and plan before finally moving out. If you are considering moving to Canada, you need to find a moving company among reliable moving companies in the area or make the move to Canada on your own.
Our proficient movers from Boston to Canada are ready to meet your needs and help organize your out of states moving and deliver a stress-free moving experience despite all the difficulties that can occur on the way to Canada.

Requirements to fulfill when moving to Canada from US

Even though the formal clearance of household goods shipment must be done in person at a Canada Customs facility. Canada Customs at border entry points have recently begun requiring that the driver of the moving company have to present a copy of the passport belonging to an individual moving from the US and a work visa. However, Born to Move moving company cannot deliver your belongings to your new home until the customer meets Born to Move foreman at the Canada/USA border.

Which is closest to your final stop to clear your shipment personally. After we have done with customs, our team will be allowed to deliver your belongings to Canada. Wow!. Unfortunately, you have to be present at customs while the truck is there. It is not possible to delegate clearing responsibilities to a third party. Please remember that you must prepare all the necessary documents to present at Canadian border control, considering your citizenship or residence.

Advantages of hiring Boston to Canada moving company

Born to Move moving company will coordinate with you and your schedule to find the most convenient time for picking up and delivering every item: previously disassembled furniture and appliance you will be transporting with you. Since we also deliver packing services for you, you can rely on our skilled Boston to Canada movers to efficiently pack up your home and transport your stuff to your new location securely and hassle-free.
As of today, our locally-based moving company can deliver your household goods internationally and provides the following moving services:

  • Time Savers. Planning on moving some large pieces of furniture to Canada? We will load/drive and unload your stuff in Canada and save you time.
  • Stress education. When moving out of the country, we will take most of the stress off your shoulders.
  • Born to Move movers from Boston to Canada will do all the driving.

The movers will use moving blankets, tape, and shrink wrap, to protect your belongings during the move from Boston to Canada, and we will also make sure that your items are delivered on time and without damage. The time required for our movers to help you relocate to any destination in Canada is at least 2 days.

Flat Price for your move to Canada

As demanding as it is, we understand how much it is necessary to spend on an out-of-state move, and thus we provide local customers with affordable prices. Starting flat price for move from Boston to Canada starts from $7,000. Our Flat price depends on the number of goods required to be prepared for the move.
Our movers from Boston to Canada need to have an exact list of items from you. Because our movers value your time, they try to complete the work in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to call our company if you have questions about moving from Boston to Canada.

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