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When planning your move between Boston and Key West FL, hiring a professional moving crew operating at our fully licensed and insured company would be the smartest solution. Due to our many-year experience in the field, our movers are capable of dealing with any challenging tasks and maintaining the moving process of any difficulty on a professional level.

When organizing customer’s relocation, the movers aim to deliver a stress-free moving experience by taking into account crucial aspects involved in such a demanding process. The team of our best movers works with even the most delicate objects, moving them safely. While moving large pieces of furniture, we pay extra attention to not only the pieces required to be moved but also the surrounding environment. The movers from Boston to Key West FL operating at our company have come up with a simple guide on how to protect walls and space around when moving large objects. Additionally, our skilled movers from Key West FL to Boston perform crucial preparation tasks, working on the environment and items involved in the moving process.

Guide on how to protect walls during your move from skilled Born to Move movers

The majority of people focus on protecting their personal belongings when getting ready for the move by using various soft cushioning. But it is important to remember that protecting the environment around is no less crucial, especially when moving large objects that can damage the area around, walls in particular. Bulky items can not only scratch the walls’ surface but also make a hole in it. So, how do our movers prepare the walls to avoid any damage?

  • Planning the route out. It is best to come up with a route to move the furniture out of the house, avoiding narrow spaces, sharp edges, and other areas that are at the risk of being damaged on the way.
  • Preparing soft cushioning and other protective materials. The prominent moving provider uses a wide range of protective materials and supplies to cover the walls and other areas susceptible to any damage. By doing so, the full service moving company avoids any damage or scratches.
  • Dismantling large pieces of furniture. Some large furniture just cannot make it through the doorway without being damaged or damaging the space around. Thus, any large pieces of furniture ought to be disassembled in advance. Separate pieces considered fragile are wrapped in blankets before being stowed in the moving truck..

Keep in mind that the final cost of your long distance moving from Boston to Key West FL or going both directions depends on how many valuable belongings of yours are requested to be packed and moved. For more precise information regarding your move, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly by contacting the movers via email or using the online calculator to get the moving cost estimated within seconds. Usually, the price of the move starts from $7000, depending on the chosen services. The movers also perform on site estimates if required.

Selecting the moving truck of the correct size according to the Born to Move moving company

Apart from dealing with customer’s belongings and protecting the walls inside the old house to avoid any damage or scratches, the task of the locally-based moving company and its movers is to choose the moving truck of the correct size to accommodate all the things. When selecting the truck, our moving company from Boston to Key West FL requests from the customer the list or photo of the items to be packed and moved. It allows our movers to assess how much space we need to stack all the boxes and packed objects without damaging them. The dimensions of large items are of crucial importance, in particular, for, if there is not enough space, the items may end up getting accidentally damaged. Too large moving trucks are no good option either for the boxes may be rolling around unless they are secured.

Our Boston to Key West FL movers are ready to maintain your move by delivering a wide range of services. In case there are any objects to be moved later, the movers offer rapid delivery services, bringing your possessions to any spot in Florida within just two days. Our movers will perform your relocation within the previously discussed time frame, delivering all the moving services required. Feel free to book a move online or give us a call 617-903-2609 to find out your exact price for your future move from Boston to Key West FL.


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