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Benefits of moving to Charlotte

Charlotte is the capital of North Carolina. A lot of customers know they move to Charlotte because of its nice climate and great job opportunities, plus the lower cost of living. No wonder why our customers are moving to Charlotte. One of my friends moved to Charlotte recently, and they were not able to get their appointment to change their license, so they had to drive two hours to the closest DMV that was available without the weight, it’s a pretty good place to move in.

Moving process

Our moving process is super easy. All you have to do is submit the inventory to our website.

After you do so, you should expect a call from our moving representative, who will be able to provide you with a precise flat price for your move from Miami to Charlotte.

How long is it going to take to move from Miami to Charlotte, NC?

The short answer is it will take us two days to move you from Miami to Charlotte.

That will include pick up, driving, and delivery to Charlotte.

Not all of the moving companies will be as swift and transparent as Born To Move. That’s why we have great reviews online. You can check them all by going to Google Maps or Google search.

If you don’t believe in Google reviews, we also have great testimonials on Yelp and Home Advisor.

How much is it going to cost to move from Miami to Charlotte?

Since it’s an 11 1/2 hour drive and all of the moving companies that are moving from Miami to Charlotte have to follow FMCSA regulations, we can only drive 11 hours a day. It’s approximately 730 miles between both locations, so it’s a pretty massive distance between the two cities.

  • We charge $4000 for one bedroom apartment
  • $4700 for two bedroom apartment
  • $5200 for three bedroom apartment
  • Starting from $6000, we will move into a four-bedroom house.

That price will include assembly, disassembly, gas, tolls, miles, movers, and the truck.

Materials such as shrink, tape, mattress covers, and boxes will be an additional charge.

What will happen on the moving date?

Movers from Miami to Charlotte will show up at your place and bring the blankets, movers and the truck itself, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Movers will bring blankets to your apartment. We will make sure to move all of the boxes before we start wrapping and protecting the furniture. After we load all of the boxes, we will start wrapping and protecting the furniture and will disassemble your bed. Make sure your mattress is wrapped with mattress covers.

Miami to Charlotte movers will bring tools to make sure everything will be dismantled before putting this in the truck. Once we’re done with loading all of the furniture, all you have to do is pay 50% of the balance, which will be determined by our movement coordinators.

It will take us an entire day to move from Miami to Charlotte, but the movers will give you a call and let you know about our arrival time. When we reach Charlotte, our best movers will give you a call at the unloading point. Everything should be pretty straightforward. We will unload the stuff. You have to sign the contract, and we will be done with your move. Also, don’t forget to pay us!

Check Movers license before hiring

Not all of the moving companies from Miami to Charlotte are as honest as Born To Move. That’s why we always make sure to check that you don’t have brokers. Make sure to check US DOT number every time you hire a moving company.


You can pay with a credit card, check or cash.

(Credit cards subject to 3% processing fee)

Movers from Miami to Charlotte
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