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Orlando is a great city located in central Florida. It’s a cheap city and famous for its Disney theme park. Not only customers are moving there to spend their time at theme parks with kids. They are moving there for the cheap Florida lifestyle, and no wonder a lot of people in Miami are looking for Movers from Miami to Orlando.

What do you have to know before hiring long-distance movers from Miami to Orlando?

The first thing that comes up to your mind is when movers will deliver my stuff to Orlando, and how much does it cost to move from Miami to Orlando?

Not all of the morning companies can deliver your stuff fast from Miami to Orlando, but Born To Move can do the same-day move or next-day move from Miami to Orlando. If you would like to schedule a next-day delivery, the belongings will arrive around 9 AM or a convenient time for you.

There’s a distance between the two cities, which is approximately 240 miles. Which is not that far compared to the rest of the states; that’s why our company provides same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

Moving cost

One-bedroom apartment moving to Orlando will cost $1900.

The two-bedroom apartment moving to Orlando will cost $2500 in total.

The starting price for a three-bedroom house or four-bedroom house will be $4000 in total.

If you book a moving service with our company, your flat price will include gas, movers, a clean truck, transportation, and tolls; all necessary fees will be included in your flat price. On a long distance like that, we provide flat prices that will be based on the amount of furniture that you will be moving. You can see the prices in the breakdown above for your convenience.

What can you expect when booking Movers from Miami to Orlando?

If this is your first time looking for Movers from Miami to Orlando, and you wonder what the process is? It’s very simple. You can separate into three steps: the first initial quote is when you call the moving company and ask them about the price and availability; the second step is when you have to decide which company you like better; and the third step is the actual moving date so we’re going to break down all of the steps below.

First step

All of the moving companies around and ask them for the price, but before you do that, make sure you have complete inventory so you can provide it over the phone or send an email to the moving company of your choice.

The second step is to compare quotes that you receive and reviews. When you compare prices and quotes, make sure to find a legitimate moving company. You can check US DOT numbers and reviews on different platforms, such as Google reviews and Yelp. Make sure to check all of the platform statuses that provide reviews because some companies can have their own reviews. Make sure to check them before making your selection.

The third step is moving the date

Nobody wants to stress out on their moving date. That’s why the best Movers from Miami to Orlando are here to help you move. We will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival, and once the movers arrive at your destination, we will call you again just to let you know that we are here. After that, you will have to sign the contract, and all of these specifics will be in your confirmation email as well as the contract, no surprises. Movers from Miami to Orlando will bring the boxes to the truck. The second step is the furniture. Furniture will be completely wrapped with blankets and shrink. Also, we will disassemble beds if there are few and put mattress bags on your mattress. Everything will also go to the truck. Once this step is complete, you must pay 50% of your flat rate; movers will then drive to Orlando.

3.5 hours later, Miami to Orlando Movers will reach the destination. We will also call you once we are at the new spot. Movers will bring all of the stuff to the desired room of your choice. Assemble the furniture and pick up the trash after everything is completed to make sure to check the furniture for damages or scratches. If everything looks good, you will have to pay the remaining amount you can pay with a credit card, certified check, or cash.


Once you finish payment, our foreman will provide you with the receipt for the move, and you will be officially moved into your new home in Orlando. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Born To Move, one of the best Movers from Orlando to Miami.
We accept certified checks, credit cards or cash.

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