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Tampa, Florida, is a great destination. A lot of our previous customers relocated because they chose a calmer lifestyle compared to Miami, and a lot of people moved to Tampa.

What are the benefits of choosing the best Movers from Miami to Tampa?

Born To Move is one of the best moving companies from Miami to Tampa because we will deliver your stuff on the same day, and our prices don’t ruin your budget.

How fast can you deliver to Tampa?

On average, it will take us 4 1/2 hours to reach our destination in Tampa. We can also deliver your furniture on the next day. That means we will drive overnight and we will be at your destination at 9 AM if you need the overnight storage.

How much do you charge?

  • One bedroom apartment costs $2500
  • Two bedroom apartment: $3200
  • Three bedroom apartment: $4700
  • The price for a four-bedroom house will be based on the amount of stuff that you need to move, but in general, it will be over $5000

What’s included in the flat price?

Not all of the moving companies from Miami to Tampa will include the following: gas, blankets, tolls, trucks, and movers. That’s all that will be included in the flat price.

Boxes and shrink tape will not be included in your price. That will come as an additional expense that will cost between $50-$200 based on previous moves from Miami to Tampa, Florida.

Before choosing a moving company from Miami to Tampa,make sure they have a great reputation and that their US DOT number is not flagged.

It’s very easy to check the reviews. You can just go to Google Maps or Yelp and check the reviews, but US DOT numbers are very hard to check because nobody knows how to do this. All you have to do is just go to the Safer FMCSA website. Typing the US DOT number, you will see the number of violations and other things that are usually not to the public by checking a safer score. You will make sure to find the safest moving company from Miami to Tampa.

How the moving process will go from Miami to Tampa?

After calling our moving company and providing the inventory for your move, make sure to include all the big furniture and the boxes when you are talking with the moving representative.

If you provide an inventory over the phone, it doesn’t have to be precise, but make sure to get an accurate number of big furniture but not the boxes. After you provide us with the required information, a Born To Move representative will be able to provide your flat price for your move; 95% of that will be the price that you will receive on the phone. Born To Move is an affordable mover. That’s why we don’t overcharge our customers. Our moving company is fully licensed and insured. All of the moves will be protected up to $10,000. If something breaks during the move from Miami to Tampa, we will compensate you for the inconvenience.

On a moving date

Our best movers will give you a call, let you know when we’re coming, and provide you with an exact start time. Next time, you will receive a call when the movers are at the pickup location.

Please show movers which stuff is going and which stuff is staying at the apartment.

First, the movers will start moving the boxes to the truck, and then we will bring blankets to protect the furniture in the house, wrap up the furniture with our blankets and shrink wrap, and put it on the truck. We will make sure that nothing is damaged during the move to Tampa.


When we finish loading, you will have to pay us 50% of the initial flat rate that you receive, and the guys will hit the road. You can pay with a certified check, credit card, or cash.

At your convenience, we will deliver your furniture to Tampa. It could be overnight or the same day. When we reach the destination, all we have to do is unload the stuff, and your part is to check your furniture for any damages that occur during the move. If you are not satisfied with our moving service from Miami to Tampa, all you have to do is call our manager, and we will deal with the damage on the spot or through the insurance company. But this is rare in most cases; everything is going well.

After unloading

If everything looks good, you have to pay the remaining balance, and the movers will be heading back empty to Miami.

Moving brokers, be aware!

Make sure not to hire a broker when you are searching Miami to Temple movers because brokers have to operate; they will sell your info to somebody else, and they don’t care if the job will be done good or bad; they just want to sell your lead to somebody else so we just want you to be aware of that.

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