How much do movers cost?

When it comes to moving to a new place you have 2 options - you move your self with some help of your friends or hire some moving company to handle this task. So, how much do you actually have to pay for moving services?

First of all, you have to understand what you actually pay for. For example, if you know that you pay $90/h rate for 2 movers and everything includes in this rate you won't ask any questions, right?

Let’s see what usually moving companies include in the hourly rate Boston area. As an example, we will use Born to Move pricings.

The standard rate $90/h for 2 movers crew and a truck includes all other charges, no additional fees. What that’s mean? It means simply that with this rate you get everything you need to successfully move and exactly it is wrapping materials to protect your items, tolls, gas, insurance coverage. Also paying such rate guarantees you get a licensed moving company with a professional crew, new used truck and other small features.

Sometimes rates can be lower, but that means, pretty much that this is a new moving company or some not licensed movers without insurance and equipment you need for your move. In some cases rates can be higher for 2 men crew and a truck, there can be few reasons, if it’s a large moving company with long history, if the day of your move is int he busy day (the end or begging of the month or weekend), or someone just trying to fool you.

As a conclusion, I suggest you go and try a few moving companies, get estimates and choose the one with better rates, reviews, and presentable brand.
Good luck with your upcoming moves!

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