How Much Does It Cost to Move from Boston to New York?


Let us take all the information about how much does it cost to move from Boston to New York. If you are planning to move from Boston to New York then this is the right place to get all the estimates. Many services for long-distance moving have been provided.

Few words about cities.

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. It is present in the Massachusetts Bay. It is present in the Atlantic Ocean. This city has an incredibly small area with a large population. The total area of the city is approximately 119 square kilometers. The famous places of Boston include Faneuil Hall, which is a historic place. It is a shopping center. New England Aquarium is very famous for the giant water tank with approximately 2000+ animals in it. In Boston, you can also visit Fenway Park. Other than that Boston has a Museum of Fine Arts. This museum is famous for Egyptian treasures. Boston is a very good place to live when it comes to the matter of weather conditions. You can enjoy all the seasons, summer, winter, fall, and spring in Boston. Its weather is ever-changing and pleasant most of the time.

New York is one of the densely populated states of the United States of America. The estimated population of New York is around 8,622,700. The total area of New York is around 789 square kilometers. This place promotes tourism. It is economically well. There are several places you can visit, which includes the Statue of Liberty. Central Park and Central Park are some of the most famous places. Central Park consists of ball fields and a zoo. Other than that, you can visit the Empire State Building with 103 stories. Time Square of New York is famous for its Broadway shows. Movers Boston to New York

Preparation Tips and its Costs

If you are planning to move from Boston to New York then you should have an idea of preparation tips and their costs. You should consider moving services for this purpose because they are licensed. They are insured companies. They have got a lot of experience in moving. They will pick up your things a day before moving. Boston Movers will pack them and store them. They pack in a very secure manner. They are responsible for the delivery of luggage at a proper required time and without any delay. They avoid daytime traffic and usually prefer to travel at night. Following is the information about packing.

• You should start packing your material at least a few days before moving.

• Things, which are fragile and loose needed to be packed in the proper boxes for their protection e.g. books, papers, crockery, electronic devices, and other small things.

• A relocation consultant will provide you the packing boxes if you need them. You can find prices here. The delivery of boxes is free.

• For packing, you need tape. One roll of tape is enough for 20 boxes.

Packages for Packing

Different packing packages are available

• For packing around 6 books, 12 linen, 5 china, and 2 wardrobes, you need to pay around $78. This package will also include packing paper and two tapes. This will be enough for packing for a studio apartment with one bedroom.

• For the packing of a 2-bedroom apartment, you will need a suitable bedroom package. It will cost you around $119. It includes fifteen linen, ten books, six china, and five wardrobes. For this, they will also provide four tape rolls and adequate packing paper. Boxes for Packing and Costs

• Box Dimension are 18, 18, 27 inches length width and height respectively. The price of the box is approximately $12.5. This is a china box.

• The cost of the wardrobe box is $14.5. Dimensions are 24, 21, 36 inches length width and height respectively.

• The cost of a Television box is approximately $10. Different sizes are available according to your requirements.

• Other than that, they have file boxes, commercial boxes and book boxes and their costs are $12, $14, and $4.5 respectively.

• The cost of packing paper is around $15.

• The cost of tape is approximately $3.

• Sofa coverings are also available. Their cost is around $7.

Hiring Movers versus Renting a Van

Hiring movers from Boston to New York are far better than renting a van. They have a set of a highly experienced team, which can understand your each and every need. Moreover, they are very helpful. You can rely on them. They do proper packing of your belongings within a defined time. This will a relaxing experience otherwise moving from one place to another is very tiring if you rent a van. They provide the following services while moving.

• Labor
• Packing material
• Traveling
• Fuel charges
• License and Insurance

It will be a very stress-free experience. There will be professional staff, which is available to deal with all your fragile belongings. They are good at handling heavy and big objects as well. They deliver the belonging on time. Movers usually drive at night so that they could deliver your belongings on time. They are responsible for wrapping all your belonging, which includes almost everything like furniture, light and heavy object and carpets. For this, they never charge an additional fee. All the work is done in a highly organized and sophisticated manner. You will be pleased and headache-free at the end if you hire those professional movers.

Estimation of Total Price for Moving

The total cost for moving from Boston to New York in a 1 Bedroom or Studio apartment is approximately $1200. It includes two movers. One truck is needed. This cost includes all the packing and moving material costs (except boxes). The total cost for this movement is approximately between $1200 to $1500 depending on the size of the move. There are no hidden charges. All the cost of gas and tolls are included in flat-rate. It is really easy and beneficial to hire movers rather than doing all the things manually by your self or renting a van. This is an economical solution for moving.

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