How Much Does It Cost to Move from Boston to Philadelphia?

Boston and Philadelphia are two large cities with their own history. Philadelphia same as Boston plays a large part in the United States. In the 21st century these to places connected in different ways.

But in one way Philadelphia is very different from Boston and it’s Real Estate and cost of living. Philadelphia is a lot cheaper.

When moving to Philadelphia from Boston because of the cost of living, for study or you got a new job you have to find someone to help you move. Long Distance moving is more complicated than local simply because of driving hours. You have to make sure that everything is well-packed and stacked in the truck to safely deliver your belongings.

The Cheapest way is to rent a truck and ask your friends to help you load and unload, but it can be not safe for your items.

Another way is to hire a company like Born to Move to express one or two days delivery. In this case, you get a professional moving crew, fully-equipped moving truck (size of the truck depends on the size of your move) and moving insurance.

The Average Moving Cost from Boston to Philadelphia

Moving price to hire a moving company for the Long Distance move from Boston to Philadelphia depends on the size of the move, usually.

Renting a truck can be different and can vary from $300 to $500. Price includes daily renting, mileage and gas. Also, you will need additional equipment to protect your items and at least a few hours of you and your friends time to load and unload your truck.

When you hire professional Moving Company you usually pay a flat rate that includes all other charges like gas and wrapping materials, professional crew, truck, and insurance and etc. The approximate cost for such a moving service for one-bedroom apartment is $1600 for two movers crew and a truck.