How to Find Nyc Parking the Easy Way

In a populated city like New York, it is really a hard task to find a good place for parking in an easy way. If you have your own vehicle and you have decided to move to NYC, here are some ways that will help you out in making your parking less tiring and easier in such a loaded city:

Ways to Get The NYC Parking Permit:

The NYC government is offering a permit for the government workers, workers of the Education Department, Clergymen, Not for Profit Institutions and the people who are suffering from severe diseases or disabilities. This permit will provide you with an easy admission in the parking garages in 5 boroughs i-e Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

If you have to apply to get a permit due to disability, here is a copy that can be downloaded from the link: https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/parking-people-disabilities

If you are a teacher, clergy, or a worker from a non-profit organization, you can download the application from the link: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/2182/parking-permit

The residents of NYC and daily travelers are not eligible to apply for the parking permits. Nonetheless, being a commuter or resident, there is an offer for you to buy parking cards for finding an easy parking all over the city.

For Movers or Commuter:

If you possess a car and you have decided to move to the NYC, or you have planned to travel in the city regularly, you have to buy a Parking Card with a Pre-Paid policy before everything else. The card allows you to have complete entry to the parking meters, selected electronic single-space meters and the city municipal parking fields.


The costs to buy the cards lie among $ 20, $50 and $100.

The costs are received by the Transportation Department (DOT) through phone, payments of credit cards online, or by the post bills or cheques. Yet, the cards are delivered by the department through the mail or the FedEx.

You can download the application from the link: http://www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/categories/transportation/driver-resources/index.page#parking

Secure Parking:

If you have been trying to find an easy and secure parking in Big Apple, you will probably prefer to leave your vehicle in a confined parking garage, which is available 24 hours. In this way, you can enjoy a safe parking for at least $10-15 per day or at most $20+ for a day. However, some of the parking garages have a policy of increasing the amount by 4, 8, 12 dollars per hour.

If you have to park in the areas of Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or the Staten Island, you will find the street parking without any difficulty. Nonetheless, if you have to move to Manhattan, you will really find it a hard task to do.

Beware of Frauds:

When you choose the parking garage, it is suggested that you should beware of the scams. Currently, the DOT had been taking action to let down the companies and developers who make fake parking lots and violate the rules. It has been heard through the Eyewitness News that people from 80+ residential areas have been made to pay at most $115 just to buy a parking ticket. Followed by a good news that DOT has fined such scam producer companies more than $300.

Here is an easy way to evaluate if the sign is fake or not. As you might have seen the DOT, it is used to represent the construction signs by the companies. While, a lot of them take benefits and put the signs in such areas where the construction is not going on, not even far away. As to recognize such signs, you can see that there is some fake signal with black tape, which is pasted on the signs as well.

If you have doubt on any sign, you should capture its picture, remember the address of the street and connect with the department to confirm if the signal is legal or not.

If you have the plan to park your vehicle for the whole night, you should be more cautious about choosing the local parking area. Here, you should consider if you have to move to a high building, you would choose a parking area, which is close to the building or even which is within its boundaries.

Nonetheless, some people pay monthly for the parking, while some do not. It depends on the kind of the comfort of the building policies.

Be Cautious and Protective:

To protect your car’s outer body from scratches and dents, you should purchase protectors that are available for different parts of the car. The reason behind this is that some of the parking garages usually bump up cars to the wall to make more space.

Be Attentive:

If you are leaving your car in the parking garage, you should never leave your valuable stuff in the car. Putting this aside, you should never leave the windows or doors of the car open at the first place. Does not matter if you are leaving the car for a couple of minutes or so, you must make sure that the car is completely locked and secured.

Extra Charges for SUV and Heavy Vehicles:

If you have a sports vehicle or a van, you have to take out extra money to park it. Such vehicles increase the parking costs tremendously. Additionally, you have to pay extra taxes as well. Yes, they are surprisingly high and can increase the total tax by almost 18.375%.

Pay Monthly:

If you decide to pay the parking fees on a daily basis, you should know that this only increases the payment. It is best suggested to keep your regular parking payments on a monthly basis. The monthly payments in the New York garages range from $75-252+ per month, but they depend on the level of the place where you are going to park.


Quick Tip: We suggest that you should consult your accountant of tax if your parking expenditures can be decreased; there is a huge possibility of deduction for businessmen.

Connect with the Technology:

There are a lot of parking apps like Parking Panda or Park whiz that can be downloaded to find parking fast. Such apps give you the information about the closest parking lots. Let’s say, if you consult from the Park Whiz, it provides you with the most reasonable deals for parking and also offers you a booking for the parking just with by your phone.

You can also download the NYC Parking Meter and Alternate Side Parking Notification app for on-street parking. You can get the parking rules here:  http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/alternate-side-parking.shtml

Quick Tip: There are also parking valets that take good care of your vehicles, they will get better if they are tipped every time you take in or out your vehicle. The tipping results in a great change in their behavior as they care more for the people who tip.

The above-mentioned tips will help you out in having a clear perspective about the parking in the NYC.