Is It More Expensive to Live in Boston or New York City?

That is a good question and if you’re trying to compare both cities and decide where to live it let’s put some information so you can decide where to live.


New York City vs. Boston: rent and taxes

New York City is probably one of the most expensive cities to live in the United States. Boston is going in the same direction but probably New York City still will be a more expensive city to live in.

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If you ever live in both cities you will know and I as an author lived in both cities. I know what I’m talking about because the rent is more expensive in New York. Taxes will be about the same as in Boston but there’s there are more things to do in New York. So if you are trying to grab a bite from life New York City is the way to go.

Food Prices

Boston is a great city to live in. Massachusetts, in general, is the most educated state in the United States but if you decide to move closer to the Big Apple you just need to know that there are more places where you can spend money in New York than Boston because Boston is expensive as well but it’s slightly fewer opportunities to spend money than New York. Newest Seaport District is the most expensive neighborhood in Boston and Massachusetts compared to Manhattan in New York City this is the most expensive neighborhood to live in. Food prices are about the same, everything is about the same but the rent and the drinks and especially more expensive in Big Apple.
If you’re young you try to go out and enjoy yourself and the time with friends.

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Salary to be earned

Believe me bars in New York and more expensive you will spend more money so on average to live a full enjoyable life you just need to earn approximately $75,000 per year living in New York.
Where in Boston you can only earn around $60,000 to live on the same level but as you mentioned before prices for rent are much higher in New York and there are so many things to do so you just have to decide where you want to live in Boston or New York and where is more expensive to live.


Transport and parking

Another thing in Boston public transportation MBTA is not great at all.
it’s always breaking down. They tried to renovate MBTA but it’s an endless process for Boston. AT Boston Winter MBTA is always broken down. When you are traveling at public transportation in New York City you always know there are some delays but it’s a much better system than Boston public transportation but in Boston, you probably can drive the car and pay for the parking not as much as you pain in New York City usually on average parking tickets cost around $100. In Boston tickets for parking will be around $60-$80 total plus if you are trying to park downtown NYC it’s crazy expensive to park a total of around $80-$100 per day. It’s approximately $50 per day to park in the garage in Boston it will be slightly less expensive than in New York.

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If you’re living with the kids in New York you just have to realize that the private schools are expensive in New York as well as in Boston.
Nevertheless, Boston private schools are actually more expensive than New York because Massachusetts is the number one state in the USA where the most educated people live.
MIT’s cost of education is expensive because this is the best education institute located right here in MA.


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The best education that you can get from all over the world located here in Massachusetts and New York will be less expensive than public education and private schools unless those private schools are located in Manhattan.

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