Is It Worth Paying for Packing when Moving?

When it comes to moving and you decide to hire a moving company for your move in Boston or New York you just have to figure out how much you can pack. It all depends on the factors such as time and your budget that you will be trying to spend when hiring movers.

Usually around 80% of the customers that we are moving at Born to move there using the self-packing option. When you are packing all the boxes by yourself including all the kitchen stuff. Probably another 10 to 15% choose not to pack the kitchen and when Movers will show up at your house we will gently pack all the kitchen stuff including all the glassware, all the dishes, and all the fragile stuff that is located in the kitchen. Approximate cost packing of all the kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen and depends on the Amount of stuff that you usually have. For one-bedroom it will be approximately 1 to 2 hours, for two bedrooms it will be an approximate cost for two hours. For a three-bedroom, it could take up to four hours to pack up all the kitchen but again it all depends on the size of the kitchen and the amount of stuff that you have in the kitchen.

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And approximately 5% of all customers are requesting a full packing service. Full packing service means that we will pack everything including all the kitchen supplies, all the bedrooms, absolutely everything you don’t have to even lift a finger when you’re packing. But it all comes up to the price and the price will be approximately twice more expensive as a regular move without the packing.

When it comes to full pack and you just do need to realize that’s an approximate time that the movers will have to spend when packing. Movers will have to pack up the whole apartment and if you moving a three-bedroom house or four-bedroom house packing has to be done the day before the move so in the next day when the movers will come they will pick it up there everything bring it to the truck and move it safely to the new place.

With Born to move movers we will absolutely do this and will pack up as much as you want and whenever you want us to do that. Also, full packing will bring a few benefits if you are really busy with work you just don’t have time for packing. You can leave everything up as it is and the movers will come up and we will also bring the boxes all the packing supplies mattress covers just to help protect all the stuff that you have not only a kitchen but most of the bedroom stuff.

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Movers will be packing that is including all the furniture all the small staff will gently pack a label everything and put it exactly where they supposed to be in the new house and if you moving a one-bedroom apartment approximate moving and packing time just a standard one-bedroom apartment that will take around 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours in total for two guys and the truck. If you decide to do a full packing for a 1 bedroom apartment the whole job will take about 6 to 8 hours including the full packing.

Please keep in mind that we do charge for the packing supplies such as boxes packing paper shrink wrap and tape for the full packing and approximate moving cost of the moving supplies when it comes to packing and will be approximately $150 to $250 altogether that is including all the moving expenses.

So you just need to see for yourself that when you are expecting to move and decide to use a full packing service we hope our article helps you understand if you want to purchase a full service or not. For full packing, you will obviously be paying more but it depends on the number of items that you need to pack as we mentioned full packing service will be approximately double the price that you will be paying for self-packing. Kitchen packing will be approximately 30% more than a self-packing service.