How to Prepare when You Moving from Boston to New York?

Everyone is dreaming to get a job in NYC and leaving a great live right here in a “Big Apple”.Finally, you are moving and its time to pack your belongings and what’s next should I get a movers or move by myself?


1.Try to figure out how much are you willing to spend on your move.

First option Moving truck


So Its 2 options that you have right now cost of moving is depends on this: A)Rent a moving truck pack everything and then driving of approximately 4 plus hours Plus stops on highway and traffic especially in NYC. Then Unloading everything probably next day.Some of the building in New York Wont allow you to move in after 6 PM. Lot’s of hustle? If you are arrived after 5 PM you need to find a parking for your truck Absolutely impossible at rush hour in Manhattan.Amount of money that you will pay will be less then if you are paying for the movers Cost will be : 2 days of truck rental+gas+mileage+boxes.


2.Hiring a movers from Boston to New York


Hiring Movers from Boston to New York That is maybe more expensive option but with no risk for you. Absolutely stress free experience that you may get.How much money are you going to spend on your move to New York this is you will get as experience.If you are trying to spend 700$ on your move.Its probably not gonna ended up well for you.Before you move agree with the manager over the phone about moving cost and other circumstances such as parking in NYC. It’s impossible for movers to get a parking permit in New York so they usually charge your for parking ticket as extra cost.

Rental Truck Moving Companies Services and Operation

3. Choose your new apartment in Big Apple.


When you are finally arrived to New York to take a look at the apartment.Try to compare prices location as most convenient to you.Also check the view its really important :). Also check any damage on a walls.Say hi to your neighbors and ask them about their experience at this apartment complex  or building they may not gonna have a good one.


4.Final step!


You are fully prepared you packed everything.Your tv in the box! and everything is ready to go. All is boxed up all miscellaneous stuff is completely wrapped. You ready to say good buy to Boston and you are finally moving to NYC. No matter how you choose to move moving truck or moving company we only can say good luck into your new place.