Things to Know when Moving to New York City

When you are trying to move to New York you just need to know on average how much you can save working their average salary in New York will be approximately around $60.000-$75,000 per person living in New York City or a Big apple.

Before moving to NYC you just need to know where you exactly will be living. Most affordable areas of course, not Manhattan; it’s somewhere in Queens. Public transportation is not the best in New York City because there’s always delays and weird schedules but this is probably the most affordable and convenient way to get around the city.

If you are trying to live with a family, you also need to figure out the rating of the schools that are near you, and before you start actually living in New York you just need to figure out if this neighborhood is safe. Because some neighborhoods in New York I wouldn’t say dangerous but they are slightly north comfortable to live in.
The most comfortable neighborhood to live in which is part of Manhattan’s until 95th street starting from downtown Manhattan to 100 streets down that is a safe neighborhood to live in also Williamsburg and Queens Brooklyn are the best neighborhoods in the Big Apple.

We just want to point out those neighborhoods because you just don’t want to come back home from a long day of work or night and you will see and I just feel not comfortable going back home there at night on a quiet street.

There is a new development going on in New York and finally, the price of the apartments is going down especially with the pandemic going on right now.
As you can see prices are much lower than a few years ago so there is a greater percentage of living space in New York City and you can actually afford an apartment in NYC.  Which three years ago you couldn’t do it.
As pandemic prices are finally going down as the rent as there is more living space becoming available there are more opportunities for young families to settle down in New York and you can probably afford a living space for the next five years at least until the end of the pandemic.

The third option you wanted to see where you can spend your free time living in the great city of New York.
Most of the people going out to the bars, restaurants, and shops there is plenty of restaurants small and great places in NYC  this is what’s New York’s favorite: this is why people from all over the world trying to visit  New York because life in New York is amazing that you can always do bar surfing every weekend you can go to different bars and you can always explore a whole new world is in the small bars all over the New York City. There’s a hidden gem that was in New York that is all you have to do just have to be a curious ll and explore every single piece of your neighborhood. What are you, what are you living at?
because this is what people do in their free time, musty once they have free time or off work.

What’s New York famous for?
We can tell exactly what for, especially for the rooftops! Rooftop is a great place to chill and hang out with a great view. New York City has a lot of skyscrapers and especially rooftops that’s available on the small piece of land in New York and I think this is a great place if you have friends. You can go with them and enjoy your free time. I think that’s what you should do just to go there and explore rooftops in New York.

New York is a home for different religions, different cultures that all live in the same place that’s why food exploration has to be great.
You have to try different food styles and figure out what works best for you as well as living in an American city. Probably American food would be the most popular option on the spot. but you can try many different stars from all over the world and this is what you should explore living in New York.

As you also can explore Central Park is the biggest most famous park located in the heart of Manhattan you can floor this park you can walk hours in and still will have a bunch to see.

Museums in NYC everywhere you can see all kinds of memorials this place is probably the most atmospheric place in the United States because the immigrants who were coming here from 1850 to 1950 they were all coming to New York as you can see this place is growing rapidly and it’s very fast and very famous for that can find the circle museums architecture, and there’s way more to see inside of New York City such as Wall Street if you can work in downtown if Manhattan you can see 911 Memorial in style and old very old houses is just right there is a history that you can touch smell and feel.