Types of Bubble Wrap and Ways to Use It

When relocating to a new house or flat, there is an extensive range of questions that pop up and require adequate solutions. One of the most important aspects of any move is being able to protect customers’ items during transit, thus packing and protecting them. Where to buy packing materials? You can acquire them on your own or, if your move is performed by an experienced team of movers, they will prepare all the necessary packing supplies and materials for you.

Bubble wrap is one of the most common packing supplies that can be used. Since there are numerous options available on the market, if you are green, you may face certain difficulties selecting the one according to the needs and nuances of your relocation. But what you have to know is that they all give padding and reliable surface protection for breakable items that can be damaged during transit. Bubble wrap is considered inexpensive and sometimes can be re-used. It is known for its durability, as well as elasticity, and it comes in different size options, as well.

Packing wrap available options and ways to use them for your move

Whether you are packing your personal belongings on your own or with the help of professional movers, you need to know why bubble wrap sheets are so important to use. Why is bubble wrap used for packing? We have come up with an informative list containing commonly used types of bubble wrap and ways to use it:

  • Environment-friendly type. What distinguishes environment-friendly bubble wrap from other types that will be described below is that it is made of recycled plastic. It is one of the options that are considered fully oxo-degradable and thus safe for the environment after being used.
  • Standard bubble wrap. Highly fragile items and breakable things are usually wrapped into a bubble wrap that is considered easily affordable due to its low cost. Furthermore, standard bubble wrap is available in different size options and when selecting the option according to your needs, you will be provided with a detailed size chart. It is purchased in rolls, whereas smaller options are stored in bags. Since standard bubble wrap is made of high-quality plastic, it can be used a few times.
  • Self-adhesive bubble wrap. Instead of using both wrap and heavy-duty tape, you can opt for a more convenient alternative, the self-adhesive bubble wrap. This type of wrap is usually used for breakable flat surfaces, such as TV screens, glasses inserted into furniture pieces, etc. Furthermore, self-adhesive bubble wrap is a lot easier to remove from the item in comparison to a standard bubble wrap-and-tape combination.
  • Bubble wrap filled with foam. The foam is capable of absorbing light impact that occurs during transit, especially if those items happen not to be properly secured in the transporting vehicle. This type of bubble wrap is highly recommended for protecting the items that are covered with high-gloss paint, or any other paint that is easily damaged. Foam-backed bubble wrap does not take up too much space, yet, the layer of foam provides reliable surface protection.
  • Anti-static type. When using standard bubble wrap, you may notice that one of the most common issues is related to the static build-up. It can be disastrous for the items that include electrical components, such as TV screens, laptops, monitor screens, and similar. Using anti-static bubble wrap exclusively for the aforementioned items will help you protect them from an electrostatic discharge.

Make sure to buy all the packing supplies in advance to keep the moving process organized so that it can go smoothly according to the plan. When choosing the moving facility to perform your relocation, do not forget to request full insight into the moving process so as to receive full information regarding the types of packing supplies used by the movers to ensure your items will be safe when transported to your new premises.

Packing services and other benefits provided by an experienced moving company

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