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Charlestown is a historical neighborhood this is coming back to the revolutionary war in the United States. Charleston neighborhood is the unique place and part of the Freedom Trail.

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Charlestown is the high and area with a rich population. Charlestown one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Boston area. There are so many bougie restaurants available nearby.

Also, there’s a Bunker Hill Community College which is available within walking distance.

Whole foods are probably the most popular shop in Charlestown Massachusetts.

If you wanted to move here the median price for homes start from $700,000. But with that price comes great history most of the homes over 200 years old built with red brick in the Victorian style. Charlestown is probably the super convenient place for Millenials as well as school convince. Charlestown has a Charlestown navy yard and this is a great place to see USS constitution. You can get around easily on Orange Lane there is a community college station right next to Charlestown. The parking situation in Charlestown is quite regular in Boston you need to get a parking permit for your car. There is not a lot of space at all but with the parking sticker, you can get one on the street. Charlestown, as well as beacon hill, has a gaslight on the streets. The Bunkerhill Monument is the great place for American history so you can take the same steps as a Paul revere took back in the days

Warren tavern located in Charlestown this is the oldest bar located in the country.

At this particular bar, you can sip of beer where our first president Washington did so it’s definitely worth the visit.

If you finally decided to move to Charlestown Born to move moving company this is your company and we will try to make your move stress-free top-notch. Plus we offer a variety of moving supplies such as boxes and packing paper if you’re looking for movers and packers in the Charlestown area give us a call.

We fully understand all the challenges the Charlestown will bring to your movers that’s why we’re here at born to move to help with your moving needs in Charleston area. We fully understand the historical neighborhood and the low clearances, that's a common reason that’s why our clients are hiring a moving company instead of doing it yourselves.

Our company is highly recommended as the Charlestown best moving company in the area.

If you will give us a call our highly skilled trade Representative will give you an estimate in the minutes but for the estimate, we just want to see a list of items that you will the moving and where are you moving. Born to move moving company offers best moving the rates in Charlestown Massachusetts. as it’s really important to understand born to move is the license and bonded more with the company in the area. so things might happen if something breaks on the way Our insurance company will completely cover it every single piece. Don’t need to spend any more time on the research moving companies online Born to move movers is your perfect choice. That's why Born to move moving company have great reviews and is lined up with one of the top moving companies in Boston. We have lots of reviews and most of them are five stars and it’s over 500 of them.

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