Movers from Boston to Jersey City

If You moving from Boston to Jersey City. Once in a lifetime, we can move from Boston to New Jersey but it will depend on the job because people moving to Jersey City for a few reasons and the most common reason is a new job. That’s why people moving to Jersey City because of the commute to lower Manhattan which is super close to Jersey City that’s probably one of the big reasons that’s why people move into Jersey city from Massachusetts. Born to Move. specialize in moving services from Boston to Jersey City. Cost of housing and convenient to Manhattan second reason that’s why people moving from Boston to New Jersey.

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Moving from Boston to Jersey City

Once you call our company our staff will provide you moving estimate from Boston to New Jersey. Once we agreed on the flat rate we will schedule the move and we will send you a few reminders 5 days and one day before actual pick up. One day before a move a representative will give you a call just to confirm that you will be moving tomorrow. On the big moving date, our movers will call you 15 minutes before their arrival once they arrive Our trained and professional staff start taking care of your belongings. Our team will arrive on clean bedbugs free moving trucks which are most of them a brand new. We will bring Dollies and all packing supplies plus commercial Bin boxes to make your move smooth and efficient as possible. Born to Move representative can also help you with the in-home estimate and we will send you an email with the exact flat fee because we only charge a flat rate on the long-distance moves from Boston to Jersey City NJ.

What’s included in the flat rate?

pretty much everything all taxes expenses and relocation expenses that may occur along the way. Our company will pick up your belongings the day before delivery. We will drive overnight to make sure that we will deliver your stuff on the very next day. It will also help to avoid traffic. If you know New Jersey traffic especially for bad for moving trucks so we start driving at night to get your belongings to NJ. If we will start driving in the morning on the same day so we want to make sure that we will move you in the building before the concierge of the building will shut down the elevator for the movers.

Moving from Boston to Jersey City NJ

Please when you’re moving into skyscrapers make sure the concierge will have all the information about moving company and insurance because we want to take care of this in advance otherwise you won’t able to reserve the elevator for movers from Boston to New Jersey. Once our crew arrives we will give you a call and concierge will reserve the elevator for us and they will start bringing stuff inside the building will bring in bed first so we can assemble it and the couches, so you can sit on the couch wash, is working. Once we move everything from the truck you can carefully inspect the truck make sure we left nothing behind after that you can pay with a credit card cash or check. Once payment is made we will provide you a copy of your receipt and we will come back to Boston. Born to Move moving company can deliver your belongings on the same day a very next day same-day delivery a subject to 300$ more. The average moving cost from Boston to Jersey City will be between 1200$-1500$ total for a one-bedroom apartment.

Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

Boston to Jersey City Moving

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