Move from Boston to New Jersey

New Jersey is a garden state and state of Many roads. This is how it’s called by the people who are living outside of New Jersey. 

There are many ways to get your belongings from Boston to New Jersey. You can either hire a moving company or rent a moving truck and drive it on your own in order to get to New Jersey it probably will take about 4 hours to get to NJ. Most of the people are moving closer to the New York area and especially to Newark which is located right on the Hudson River. But not everybody is moving to this specific area. People move all over the states to New Jersey so if your destination could be anywhere from Newark to Trenton New Jersey and you’re not sure if you can complete the moving relocation from Boston To New Jersey. on your own and you are considering hiring a moving company from Boston to New Jersey Born to move definitely can help you relocate your belongings safely and on time. 

Our moving company successfully relocated hundreds of people from Boston to New Jersey. It can be difficult to do so especially with the traffic that goes in through Washington bridge. If you've ever been on this bridge the roads are divided in the beginning so it could be very unclear where you can go either on the lower level or on the upper level. When you drive the truck through that bridge and in order to get from Boston to New Jersey you have to drive through this bridge. Also, the tolls are pretty expensive, it's a double price difference compared to car tolls. In order to get from one side to another, you have to pay around $50 for a truck toll.

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Moving cost

The approximate price would be about $1400 to move from Boston to New Jersey and it also depends on how far in New Jersey are you going if it’s closer to New York City the price will be around $1400-$1700. if you are moving a little bit further down to NJ, the price could be a few hundred more than the original price that we gave you before, but it always depends on the distance and amount of stuff that you have. 

What’s included in the flat rate.

In our flat-rate, we include everything by everything will mean absolutely everything will be included in a flat rate such as gas, tolls, miles, transportation, moving blankets, tools, all the labor on both sides. We not only will wrap all the furniture and disassemble the beds, but we will also put it back together at the new location in another state. Movers will also make moving efficient and you as a customer should not expect any additional charges during the relocation from Boston to New Jersey. Yes, moving is challenging as it is first you have to pack up your boxes before the move also the furniture is the most expensive part because the furniture in our days is very expensive. After you hire somebody to move your stuff from Massachusetts to New Jersey but don’t worry we got your back we can take the stress off your shoulders and safely relocate you on such a long-distance move it takes approximately 4 hours in one way direction to reach the destination in New Jersey.

All operations will be performed by our company. We will have the moving truck and own people who will be working at both locations. Usually, it will take about one day or the next day to deliver your stuff from Boston to New Jersey. Please make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the relocation from Massachusetts to New Jersey.

Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price

Boston to New Jersey Moving

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