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Move from Boston to Brooklyn

Looking for Movers from Boston to Brooklyn? And you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost for a move from Boston to Brooklyn. New York and also the second question that you have to ask: how fast are you able to deliver the stuff? Our moving company offers same day delivery or next day delivery depending on your preference. It usually takes about one day to deliver your items. So pretty much next day delivery is the most popular option. Once you would like to deliver your belongings to Brooklyn from Boston on the same day service the price will be about $300 more than original price. When it comes to moving to New York you have to figure out where you want to settle down, the best location of course if you’re not working in Manhattan is Brooklyn. Brooklyn has a great neighborhood such as Williamsburg, Queens where you can easily live and public transportation. MTA is working great in that area and if you are trying to commute to Manhattan as well it’s a great place to live. That’s why when you hire movers from Boston to Brooklyn you should consider Born to Move as a primary moving provider for your moving needs.

Flat Price for your move to Brooklyn

Our moving prices start from $1300 and we are giving up a flat price for the NYC moves.
Our Flat prices include absolutely everything and by everything we mean a lot, absolutely everything there’s no additional charges no additional fees of any kind. A Lot of moving companies when they move out of state from Boston to Brooklyn movers do charge for fuel, miles, transportation. Born to Move do not charge for anything like that.

Moving from Boston to Brooklyn NYC

On top of that if you’re moving in Brooklyn most of the buildings require a certificate of insurance. We can provide you with that. The only thing is our insurance company does charge for the insurance and they ask $100 every time that the building asks you as a customer for insurance and we just want to take care of this in advance. If you do need a certificate of insurance from the movers or your building requires COI, we will have to take care of this a 3 days before the move. A week before would be perfect because a certificate of insurance can be produced in about 1 to 2 days. Brooklyn city hall does not provide parking permits, because the city of New York does not provide any moving parking permits. What movers usually do? When we are moving stuff from Boston to Brooklyn drivers usually just double park or find the closest spot available. Cost of the parking tickets usually somewhere between $65-$120 depending on parking violation but for moving truck we ask our customers to keep an eye on the moving truck so we won’t get a parking ticket and if you see that somebody from parking enforcement approach the moving truck, just let us know so we can safely move the truck to another location so you want be paying for parking tickets in Brooklyn NY. Our moving customers ask about insurance for personal belongings. This is a different type of insurance that we offer. Insurance for replacement covers up to $10,000 if something breaks during the relocation we will fully compensate you for that. But this rarely happens because the guys will wrap all the furniture that you have in the moving blankets. We have a special transportation storage in the truck for fragile stuff. Born to Move movers from Boston to Brooklyn also offers not only for the flat price but much more moving services. When you book a move with Born to Move, we highly advise you for out-of-state to prepare in advance . Make any changes at least a week before you also have to contact a concierge or the management of the building and let them know that you are hiring a moving company Please let them know that you are moving on a certain day so they will have to block the elevator for movers and it’s very important that it will be done because otherwise the move will take 2 to 3 hours longer. Because some of the moving companies or other service professionals can be using the elevator at the same time with us that will extremely extend the process of moving. When it comes to moving we usually start in New York around 8 to 9 AM just because you want to complete the job in the one day so if you’re moving from Brooklyn to Boston we will have to start the job between 8 am- 9 am so in this case movers will definitely finish the process in Boston on the same day. Movers will be arriving in Boston around 3 to 5 PM on the same day it also depends on traffic. Trucks cannot go on the parkway. We have to drive through I-95. Unfortunately we cannot take I-15 because the low clearances along the way on this parkway. Please keep in mind in the trucks going slower than the car. And if you’re driving and you want to see a real relocation where the truck atis located? Please give a call to your foreman and he will explain where they are and what’s going to be the ETA to Boston from Brooklyn. Please contact us if you have any additional questions and if you’re looking for movers from Boston to Brooklyn NY.


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Movers from Boston to Brooklyn
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